5 Of The Best Irish eCommerce Content Marketing Efforts

At the beginning of last month we dedicated an entire blog to helping you get the most from your content marketing strategy. In it we told you that the best content examples consisted of four things:

  1. Emotive language - If you want to encourage your audience to convert you need to create desire. Which for many etailers means creating and selling a lifestyle that customers can buy into.
  2. Relevancy and clarity - Your content needs to appeal to your customer's needs and concerns.
  3. People not pitches - Great content doesn't just explain why your product/service/company is the best it resonates with the audience because they can see themselves in it. In other words it gives them a credible and relevant reason to use your product/service/company.
  4. A strong call to action - Make CTAs stand out visually by using buttons rather than linked text and use compelling copy to urge the customer to take an action.

We also gave you several examples of global companies who have used content to enhance their eCommerce offering. But as it's St. Patrick's Day today we wanted to take a moment to celebrate those Irish companies who are utilising content marketing to its fullest. Here's our list of the five best Irish eCommerce content marketing efforts:


It can be difficult to strike a balance as an off license. Alcohol can be a contentious issue especially as it is associated with many anti-social behaviours. When setting up its eCommerce offering Molloys wanted to appeal to a more discerning customer customers who enjoy alcohol experiences rather than just getting drunk. That's why Molloys have spent time creating some great content pieces on their site to educate and inspire customers with their drink choices before they click 'Add to Cart'. Their blog features articles about lots of topics including; the difference between champagne and prosecco the best low calorie drinks for those on a diet great tasting gluten free beers for celiacs great wine pairings for different types of meal and spotlight articles on specific liquor brands and alcohol types from different regions. In each article Molloys offer their expertise when it comes to alcohol and how best it can be enjoyed. And if visitors need specific advice or help when it comes to choosing the right drink for them or their occasion they can always use the friendly chatbot facility Molloys employ.

Chill Insurance

The insurance industry suffers greatly from cart abandonment. Long forms with lots of different sections requiring lots of different details although necessary can be confusing by nature and tedious for customers to fill out which leads to form abandonment. In an effort to combat this industry trend Chill Insurance decided to use content to lessen this confusion and encourage customers to complete quick quote forms (which provide them with valuable leads) by making insurance easy to understand. And according to content marketing experts Hubspot Chill's content offering is the gold standard for Irish insurance brokers. Their blog explains perplexing insurance terminology in laymen's terms informs people how to cope with things like extreme weather events offers insurance tips for first-time buyers gives insurance product breakdowns and much much more! They've even thrown some fun stuff in there for good measure like which Netflix shows to settle down with. Their content has nothing but their customers in mind which ensures every piece is relevant useful and engaging and always contains a handy link to get a quick quote for the most relevant type of insurance.

Kerrigan Meats

The market for buying quality meat online in Ireland is growing. There are now a plethora of specialist butchers selling their produce up and down the country. Many of them including popular brands like James Whelan and The Premium Butcher use content such as recipes and video guides to promote different cuts of meat and educate customers on how to prepare and cook them to wow guests at their next feast. But Kerrigan Meats decided that in addition to providing customers with great recipes ideas they wanted to capitalise on another of Ireland's fastest growing trends: fitness. So to promote their range of healthy meat choices Kerrigan's use their eCommerce site to host a specially designed Diet Plan Builder. Yes in addition to being able to select from a variety of meat bundles curated specifically for those interested in losing weight or toning up visitors can also use Kerrigan's diet plan builder to create a bespoke meal plan and order a bundle of all the required ingredients straight to their door. Kerrigan's also regularly update their Butcher's Blog and feature advice from leading Irish nutritionists fitness ambassadors and respected dieting organisations like Slimming World. And if all that wasn't enough Kerrigan's eCommerce site also features a Foods for fitness chatbot that encourages visitors to ask questions about which foods to use to aid their fitness goals.

The Happy Pear

Veganism often gets bad press. Like or not stigmatisms do surround those who choose to eat purely plant-based foods. Therefore running an eCommerce site that sells only vegan products (cookery courses books hampers) must be a tough task. Not for Stephen and David Flynn brothers and founders of The Happy Pear. The pair are huge advocates of the vegan lifestyle and are using content to ensure that as many people as possible share their ethos and passion for cooking with and using vegan ingredients. And the primary way they do this is through social media. The company use a variety of channels including Instagram Facebook Twitter and Pinterest to promote their products but it's their YouTube channel that boasts just over 223000 subscribers and hundreds of views and comments per video. Every recipe video and lifestyle vlog is hosted by the incredibly infectious brothers who use their charm and skill to show people how to prep cook and serve a huge variety of quick and easy vegan meals. The brothers even part of Jamie Oliver's Food Tube family the largest foodie community in Europe!


Mortgages might not be a particularly sexy product but they are something that most Irish people will need to purchase at some stage in their lives. However purchasing a mortgage can be a very nerve-wracking time in a person's life. There's lots of legal jargon to negotiate many different options to consider significant amounts terminology to come to terms with. Not to mention questions regarding how much you can actually afford to borrow and the application process. To encourage their customers to book an appointment with a mortgage advisor EBS use a series of very handy tools (including a mortgage calculator and a monthly repayments calculator) as well as a blog full of mortgage advice and more besides. The content is customer-centric entertaining and not a hard sell as the emphasis is on the user and how to be as helpful as possible to them. Topics cover everything from serious tips on how to speed up your mortgage application to more fanciful tops like how to decorate your kitchen in 2018. EBS is also the first financial institution in Ireland to join Pinterest where it updates its home interiors boards daily for its growing audience. Feeling inspired? Take a leaf out of these Irish companies' books and start inspiring your customers with truly great content that converts. Or If you want to better understand your conversion strategy and improve your ROI get in touch today to see how we can help you.

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