Top eCommerce Mistakes

Selling online involves a constant process of trial and error to stay on top of what appeals most to your customers and with that what works best for your brand. But despite the vast range of ever-evolving digital strategies there still exist universal mistakes that are made no matter the brand retailer product or service. Not only do these mistakes do nothing to drive conversions worse again they can even prevent them. The good news? They're easily remedied. Keeping it simple is often underrated. And while you can of course make drastic changes to your marketing strategy or online store to improve your bottom line sometimes small tweaks are all it takes for big results. In this blog we list six all too common eCommerce mistakes and how you can fix them with minimum fuss and maximum results.

1. When Image Sliders Turn Bad

Yes image sliders on your homepage can be a nifty way of showcasing several of your products/features in one place. However be warned! If you want to increase sales remove them immediately! There's no research proving image sliders increase sales. But there is strong evidence showing they can confuse and even repel customers. The Nielsen Norman Group recently ran a study to test the success of the rotating carousel of product images on the Siemens homepage. They found website visitors didn't recognize there was a discount on washing machines because the image displaying the offer changed too quickly. Instead focus on that precious above-the-fold space to promote your most important message. For example if you have a special 50% off Black Friday deal be sure it's the first and only message your customers see when they land on your homepage.

2. A Slow and Complicated Checkout Process

Research by the Baymard Institute shows that 27% of cart abandonments are due to a complicated and/or extended checkout process. Online consumers want a swift and simple path to purchase. Anything that complicates or slows this process is more likely to lead to cart abandonment. Instead simplify the checkout process. This is a great way to boost your e-commerce sales. Just think how much Amazon has benefited from their 1-Click Ordering option. So try including all your checkout details on one page or hide sections of the checkout form until potential customers have already entered information. For example present them with a form that only asks for an email address and name. Once they complete that the credit card from appears and once that's completed the shipping information appears etc.

3. Neglecting The Opportunity In The Purchase Follow-up Email

Many businesses stop adding value to the customer experience once a purchase has been made with lackluster follow-up emails that act as little more than a digital receipt. Big mistake. This doesn't help customer retention never mind grow sales. Instead ensure you've a useful follow-up procedure in place for new customers. After all the more attention you pay them after they've bought something the more likely they'll buy from you again. Not only that but they might tell their friends how great you are. So seize the opportunity here by using this email to really add value to the customer experience. For example offer incentives to buy from you again like a coupon code and based on their purchase link them to relevant complimentary products or content they might be interested in.

4. Giving Limited Payment Options

When it comes to payment options consumers now have more choice than ever. Credit cards debit cards PayPal Stripe ApplePay, WePay, Google Wallet, the list goes on. We now live in a world where choice is expected. However despite this many companies still restrict customers to just one or two payment options. Instead... try offering more payment options including newer services that are becoming increasingly popular on mobile. This makes it easier for people to buy from you. Sure it can be a hassle to optimize your site in this way but it's worth it.

5. Being Unsociable On Social

84% of consumers now expect companies to respond within 24 hours of mentioning them on social media. However many businesses overlook the importance of social media interaction when it comes to growing sales. Instead try actively engaging with potential customers through social media. This is one of the best ways of increasing brand awareness customer satisfaction and most importantly sales. So start monitoring your social accounts more closely and engage with potential customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. The more attention you pay them the more likely they'll buy from you.

6. Not Offering Enough Consumer Choice

Much like consumers have favourite payment methods they also have preferred retailers. And if you're not giving them the option to purchase via these other retailers you may be losing sales. Customers often prefer to purchase from a retailer they know and trust rather than a brand website particularly if they're buying a product for the first time. Everything from shipping costs delivery options and payment options play a part in their choice of retailer. Instead  try Buy Now technology which offers the unique opportunity to partner with other retailers and gives customers more choice on where to purchase. With the touch of a button (and without compromising their online experience) users are brought directly to purchasing options via their preferred retailers (Amazon Best Buy Staples etc.) meaning competitive distractions and funnel delays are minimised. Brands using ChannelSight's Buy Now buttons have seen conversion rates of over 20% 20-fold repeat-sales increases and an average increase in customer basket size of over 30%. Furthermore partnering with retailers can capture an additional 1-2% of visitor traffic that would usually bounce off your website. As the above tips show you don't need a massive website overhaul to maximize sales. Little tweaks can go a long way and work just as well if not better. So what are you waiting for? Go through your site and social media now and make sure that if you're making these mistakes you remedy them immediately. If you're curious about how to maximize your online sales or interested in learning more about Buy Now technology talk to our team today.

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