Boosting awareness and perception with Amazon brand monitoring

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The sheer eCommerce power and scale of Amazon makes it a compelling choice of sales channel. But competition there is fierce, and customers aren’t infinite. Knowing how your brand is perceived on this critical platform can provide actionable insights across your whole business.

What is Amazon brand monitoring?

Brand monitoring is the process of gathering data about your company and using it to inform your eCommerce strategy. Amazon gives brands plenty of tools to analyse their performance on that one platform. So much so, that Amazon brand monitoring can become a whole job in itself.

The benefits of Amazon brand monitoring include:

  • Easier ad spend optimisation
  • Deeper knowledge of the competition
  • More customer insight
  • The ability to spot trends and react accordingly
  • A better chance of predicting and addressing problems proactively
Using Amazon Brand Analytics

If your brand gets approved by the Amazon Brand Registry, you can start using Amazon Brand Analytic for eCommerce reports. Formerly known as Amazon Retail Analytics, it lets you examine elements like customer behaviour, search traffic, and the competitive landscape.

The Amazon Brand Registry is open to brands who own a registered trademark. Registering one of those can take a while, but actually using it to get onto the registry is a fast process. It’s generally a worthwhile use of time though. Access to Amazon Brand Analytics lets you see exclusive data points not visible to other brands.

What reports can you run in Amazon Brand Analytics?

eCommerce brands can use Amazon Brand Analytics to run six reports, and access its search analytics dashboard. The dashboard shows you the search terms being used to find your products, and how your sales funnel is performing. The reports include:

  • A breakdown of popular search words being used across Amazon
  • Attribution reports, for those who also have an Amazon Advertising account
  • Item comparison and alternative purchase behaviour
  • Market basket analyses
  • Demographic analyses
  • Repeat purchase behaviour reports
The best metrics to track for Amazon Brand Monitoring

Your brand’s eCommerce goals will determine your exact perfect mix of key performance indicators (KPIs) to track. But the power of Amazon Brand Monitoring makes it particularly well suited to examining some important metrics:

  • Each ASIN’s (Amazon Standard Identification Number) click share, you can take in all the keywords each product is bringing in
  • How many shoppers are buying from the competition
  • The amount of value you’re getting from repeat sales
  • How many incomplete listings you’ve got on your account
  • Clickthrough rate from other sources like display and social ads
ChannelSight helps eCommerce brands grow on Amazon

With a solid grasp of Amazon brand monitoring, you can start optimising your product line-up. It gets easier to satisfy Amazon’s specific requirements and best practice recommendations. Plus, easier reporting makes it easier to set goals and know when you’ve hit them.

Talk to ChannelSight about growing faster on one of the planet’s most powerful sales channels.

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