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Amazon Prime Day is one of the biggest eCommerce events of the year and each year so far it has grown. Though this Prime Day was out of the ordinary small and midsized businesses reportedly made more than $3.5 billion on Prime Day. This is a 60% increase from last year. However Amazon is yet to disclose the final numbers from this Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Day 2023

We at ChannelSight are uniquely placed to understand consumer behavior's and consumer activity during a period of heightened eCommerce activity such as Prime Day. In this infographic we present the data that we collected during Amazon Prime Day 2023. We gather data across a number of verticals including White Goods Consumer Electronics Food & Beverage Baby & Child Security & Home Automation Home Appliances & CPG.

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Watch our on-demand webinar where our experts discuss how brands can navigate and succeed this holiday shopping season and give more data insights on the aftermath of Amazon Prime Day 2020.

We at ChannelSight have a team of experts that can help you understand your customer's needs better and implement solutions that can help you build a data-driven eCommerce strategy. Contact us today to book a demo with our team of experts.

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