ChannelSight's CEO To Speak At The Web Summit In Lisbon

Bringing together over 500 companies groundbreaking startups and world-class speakers the Web Summit has become Europe's largest and most important technology marketplace . Taking place from 6-9 November in Lisbon this is a must attend global meeting place for the world's most disruptive technology companies and those interested in how that disruption can transform their businesses and their lives. Over the 3 days world leaders CEO's students and enthusiasts will come together to encourage tech innovation find answers to the worlds pressing issues as well as allow the magic of serendipity to take place. We are excited to announce that ChannelSight's CEO John Beckett will be speaking at the Web Summit 2017. Presenting on the Growth Stage at 3:45PM on Wednesday November 8th John will be giving insight into some of the many 'Buy Now' technology innovations the ChannelSight team have been working on to stay ahead of emerging trends in the eCommerce marketplace. It's great to be attending and presenting at the Web Summit 2017. This being the largest tech conference in the world it's great to get the opportunity to showcase some of the innovative products we have been working on over the last 12 months and also to meet and catch up with many inspiring world leaders in the technology space. John Beckett CEO of ChannelSight.

Ever wondered how to turn a website visitor into a customer with as few clicks as possible?

At ChannelSight we help brands across the world to streamline the customer journey from discovering your product to buying it at their favourite online retailer. With a global network of thousands of retailers in over 50 countries there's no market too big or too small. Interested in seeing how you can drive conversion rate by 20% basket size by 30% and much more? Get in touch today and we'd love to meet at Web Summit 2017 to show you just how easy you can drive: Performance visibility across all channels from first brand engagement right through to final purchase eliminating the dependency on partner retailers to provide sales conversion data. Advanced business insights to pinpoint what content is having the biggest influence on the bottom line. Clear 'Buy Now' call to action buttons to provide a seamless consumer experience funneling consumers down the path to purchase when purchase intent is high.

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