Key Components of an Amazon Product Listing


Here are three key aspects to focus on when creating product listings to impress both prospects and Amazon's A9 algorithm.

Product Listing Keywords

When ranking Amazon product listings the A9 algorithm looks at search query relevance as well as product pricing conversion rates external traffic and availability.

To match Amazon Product listings with user search queries it analyses the keywords in your product descriptions. Brands can use a keyword tool to figure out which phrases people are most likely to use when searching for a product on Amazon.

You can then add these to your product descriptions. Preferably you should include long-tail keywords with large search volumes. But only use ones that apply to your products; relevancy trumps search popularity.

It's also a good idea to A/B test keywords to find out which ones connect with your audience. And be mindful not to stuff your descriptions with too many. You can add extra keywords to the search field of your Amazon product pages instead. Here you can include synonyms spelling variations and other keywords for Amazon to assess.

Key Product Listing Details

To drive up conversions your Amazon product description needs to include all the details a shopper needs to make a purchase decision. Highlight the benefits of your product first and then list its key features.

Consider adding details like dimensions weight ingredients quantity guarantees and whatever else your target audience would look for.

Proudct Listing Formatting

PickFu's survey also highlighted that the most important aspect of a product description is its layout. Consumers said easy to read text with proper formatting was even more important than a description's title or product benefits.

This means it's important to lay out your product information in a clear and concise manner. If it's too long or difficult to read shoppers may look elsewhere. So be sure to use bullet points short sentences white space and other formatting to make your product descriptions engaging scannable and easy to read.

Top tips to optimize your Amazon Product Listings

Looking beyond the basics here are some extra tips that will help improve your descriptions.

1. Make use of A+ Content

Companies that are eligible for the Amazon Brand Registry can take advantage of A+ Content which allows brands to enhance their product descriptions with eye-catching layouts tables images videos and more.

This isn't available to most sellers so it will really give your Amazon product pages a boost and help your listings stand out. Amazon says that using A+ content generally increases conversions by 5%.

2. Monitor your feedback for opportunities to improve

It's a good idea to use your eCommerce helpdesk and Digital Shelf tool to monitor support tickets and online reviews. This will allow your brand to quickly identify and address issues with your product descriptions.

If a product doesn't arrive as described or a listing is inaccurate your customers will probably voice their dissatisfaction through these two forums.

3. Think about your target audience

When crafting an Amazon product description it's important to get into the mindset of your key customer personas. Ask yourself: Who buys this product? Why do they buy it? How do they use it? And what phrases would they type into Amazon to find it?

This will impact the keywords language and tone of your product descriptions. This should help ensure your listings appear in front of the right people and increase conversions for your brand.

Examples of effective Amazon product Listings

To drive our message home here are some examples of great earned media product descriptions from leading brands across two different industries.

Quaker Oats

In its product descriptions Quaker Oats highlights the health benefits of its products as well as key details and features - such as weight and resealable packaging.

The brand also highlights certification it has received from industry bodies like the non-GMO project. It provides a one-line serving suggestion which makes this description really enticing too. There's even additional A+ content which features recipes and mouth-watering photos.

The brand's use of bullet points and colons makes it easier for shoppers to read too.


First and foremost Cetaphil's product descriptions highlight the brand's benefits. The skincare brand provides specific timelines around when you'll start to notice results. This is likely to reassure readers and nurture conversions.

Its product descriptions also highlight suitable skin types key ingredients and where the cream can be used. This information will answer the FAQs of its target audience and help it rank for lots of long-tail search terms at the same time.

Like Quaker Oats Cetaphil also uses bullet points as well as capital letters to improve readability.

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