Elevate Your Brand Site With A Where To Buy eCommerce Aggregator

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With ChannelSight’s Where to Buy solution, you can strategically place ‘Buy Now’ buttons throughout your brand’s website in order to create a better user experience and drive-up online conversions. 

These ‘Buy Now’ buttons allow visitors to view all their buying options at a glance. In other words, they can see all the third-party retailers and marketplaces that have your product in stock and then click through to buy it. 

If your brand offers direct-to-consumer sales, this option will appear too. Most commonly, our Where to Buy solution appears on a brand’s product pages. However, they can be added to category pages, blog posts, recipes pages, live chat conversations and any other relevant content on your website. It is a great way to generate more conversions and track the impact of your content.

Tons of advantages come with adding this powerful Where to Buy solution to your website. Here are just a few of them:

  • It creates a seamless consumer journey 
  • Competitor distractions are eliminated 
  • Your consumers get more options 
  • It mitigates the impact of stockouts
  • It has a flexible design 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Brands can wow their retail partners

It Creates A Seamless Consumer Journey 

The modern consumer journey has become increasingly more complex with more channels discovery and researching products than ever before. With the Where to Buy solution on your website, your consumers’ path to purchase is seamless through clear stock and price level indications, increasing the likelihood of conversion. 

With a direct link to third-party product pages, the consumer journey has a reduced number of clicks which simplifies the user journey. The Where to Buy solution provides convenience, a speedy checkout process and a streamlined shopping experience. 

Competitor Distractions Are Eliminated 

This frictionless path to purchase is key in cutting out parts of the consumer journey where prospects could encounter competitor products. With a Where to Buy widget, shoppers go straight from your website to the point of purchase without seeing alternative brands. 

Without it, they’re more likely to search for your product on Google, Amazon, eBay or their favourite retailer website, bombarded with ads and listings from your competitors.

ChannelSight’s Where to Buy solution reduces these potential distractions by eliminating the need for site visitors to search other platforms. Moreover, minimise consumers opportunities to see competitor products which directly impact sales performance. 

Testimonial: “Wherever customers convert, they convert seamlessly. They don’t have to Google us or end up on a price comparison website; they go straight to the retailer’s product page.” - Jesco Reb, Head of Online Marketing at tado°

Your Consumers Get More Options 

In an ideal world, shoppers would head straight to your brand’s website and purchase your products there. But, in reality, plenty of compelling factors can push consumers to buy from third-party retailers and marketplaces. This could be because of delivery options, loyalty programme perks, gift cards, or simply because some prefer to buy from retailers they know and trust. 

With all this in mind, it’s obvious that brands need to have a presence across multiple sales channels to stay relevant and maximise their sales. Brands can then showcase these channels by adding the Where to Buy solution to their website, enticing them with their favourite retailers and making them more likely to add it to their basket for later. 

Also, with a Where to Buy solution, brands can arrange retailers based on the likes of pricing, product ratings, or stock availability - all of which can improve the consumer journey. Brands can make this decision based on past behaviour or market research.

Testimonial: “We can send consumers direct to retailers, where we know the opportunity for conversion is higher.” - Michael Knott, Director of Digital Media, Programs and Analytics at Logitech

It Mitigates The Impact Of Stockouts 

As well as financial losses, running out of stock can also lead to unsatisfied consumers and negative reviews. It may even drive loyal consumers to discover competitor products - hurting future sales. Out-of-stock product pages also have high bounce rates, which can hurt your search engine rankings. 

However, using a Where to Buy solution on your brand site shows shoppers product availability across all stockists. So, even if your website or another store is out of stock, consumers can quickly find alternative options. Brands can even opt to display the precise stock levels of every retailer in their network.

Actionable Insight: Each year, businesses miss out on almost $1 trillion worth of sales because of stockouts.

Easy To Set Up

Because of all the data and stock monitoring involved, many assume ChannelSight’s Where to Buy solution is complex to set up. However, adding it to your website is actually quite straightforward by simply sharing your product catalogue with the team at ChannelSight and they will take care of everything on the retailer side. 

Testimonial : “We chose ChannelSight for the way they support the retailers we work with and that’s why we will stay with them” - Raeza Tromp, Global eCommerce Program Manager, Schneider Electric

Moreover, each brand can arrange or edit their Where to Buy display settings to comply with regional laws or specific industry standards. For example, ChannelSight users that sell products to the German market remove product pricing to comply with price comparison restrictions there. While those serving the Netherlands can adjust their layout to suit local price labelling laws. 

Testimonial : “The entire ChannelSight team has been fantastic to work with. They are extremely responsive and helpful with any technical implementation on reporting or functionality requirements.” - Michael Knott, Director of Digital Media, Programs and Analytics at Logitech

It Has A Flexible Design

On top of its easy implementation, ChannelSight provides a variety of template designs which brands can customise to suit their own unique voice and style. ChannelSight’s user-friendly dashboard allows every aspect of the design to be flexible, from the font, tweak the colours or modify the ‘Buy Now’ button. 

Testimonial: “When we approached different BIN vendors, ChannelSight clearly stood out with regard to overall digital expertise, conversion tracking capability and professionalism. Implementation has been easy.” - John Ones, Head of Digital at Duracell International

ChannelSight users benefit from a dedicated account team, a strategy team and scheduled performance reviews - all of which ensure your brand can get the most out of its Where to Buy solution. But, if your team prefers to take control, that option is always available in the self-service dashboard too. 

Testimonial: “ChannelSight’s level of support has been really good. Their understanding of Schneider’s internal structures is something you wouldn’t find easily with other providers. We trust them to take care of our eCommerce growth in a very challenging market” - Raeza Tromp, Global eCommerce Program Manager, Schneider Electric 

Brands Can Wow Their Retail Partners 

Showcasing all your stockists can impress shoppers as they browse your website but it can impress your retail partners too. The Where to Buy solution can direct super-relevant, high-converting traffic to your brand’s retail partners and positively influence their decisions around order sizes, product promotions, and future collaborations.

Because brands can choose the order in which retailers appear on their Where to Buy widget, it can also be used as a bargaining chip when discussing promotional partnerships and co-marketing campaigns. For maximum exposure, brands can even arrange it so that only key partners are displayed to their visitors.

The opportunity to wow consumers and retail partners, while also promoting their direct-to-consumer store, is why many of ChannelSight’s clients choose to implement a Where to Buy widget on their site.

Complementing your Direct-to-Consumer strategy with a Where to Buy Solution
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