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The countdown to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the shopping season has well and truly begun. According to forecasts by eMarketer, overall retail spending is set to increase by +4.5% to $1.3 trillion this 2023 holiday season, with ecommerce accounting for almost 20% of sales and contributing ~48% of incremental spending gains.  

Black Friday – Cyber Monday is always a marathon with the extravaganza starting earlier and earlier every year and extending all the way through January.  A recent survey by Google shows that as of mid-October, holiday shoppers globally had completed on average 21% of their holiday shopping.  

At ChannelSight we aim to empower brands with data and analytics to enhance their ecommerce strategies, streamline their operations, and optimize their performance. The holiday season is always a prime opportunity to reach new customers and build loyalty with existing ones and we are thrilled to introduce two new features that will help you do just that.  

Enhancing Your Bundling Strategies with our Basket Composition Report  

Bundling strategies have long been a potent weapon in the arsenal of successful brands. They not only drive sales but also enrich the overall shopping experience for consumers. To help you harness the full potential of bundling, we proudly present our Basket Composition Report.

This report delves deep into the composition of branded baskets, revealing valuable insights into product associations. With these insights, brands can craft compelling virtual bundles, capitalize on cross-selling opportunities, and optimize their offerings. What sets this report apart is its precision, enabling brands to cater to specific markets and consumer preferences.  

With the Basket Composition Report, you can:  

  • Gain visibility into the volume, frequency, and value of branded products purchased together.  
  • Identify complimentary virtual product bundles and additional merchandising opportunities.  
  • Optimize your bundling strategies for maximum impact.  

45% of shoppers surveyed by Think with Google state that deals/promotions are one of the most helpful things that brands can communicate when they are considering a purchase. This Black Friday, use our Basket Composition Report and take your Black Friday offerings to the next level and unlock the power of bundled offerings.

Streamlining Catalogue Maintenance with our Brand Shoppability Report  

Maintaining an engaging and up-to-date product catalogue is a non-negotiable task in today's digital landscape. However, this process can be time-consuming and resource intensive. Enter the Brand Shoppability Report.

This feature simplifies catalogue maintenance by providing insights into the status of retailer connections for products on your brand's website. Optimize your catalogue quickly by displaying only relevant retailers in your "Where to Buy" Widget. This not only meets consumer expectations but is especially beneficial for brands with extensive, ever-changing catalogues in multiple markets, saving valuable time and resources that can be redirected to other strategic initiatives.

With the Brand Shoppability Report, you can:

  • Get a comprehensive evaluation of your product catalogue's retailer connections.
  • Assess each SKU's connectivity with retailers and whether it's purchasable through your brand site.
  • Optimize your catalogue effortlessly to prevent disruptions in shopper journeys.

Simplify your catalogue management and ensure your brand's online presence is always at its best with the Brand Shoppability Report.

With these features, we aim to equip you with the insights and tools necessary to give you an edge and drive substantial traffic and conversions this Black Friday.

Ready to supercharge your Black Friday - Cyber Monday marketing campaigns? Contact ChannelSight today to discover how we can help you to maximize your online sales.

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