How Brands and Manufacturers Benefit from Retailer Product Reviews?

Earlier in our blog we spoke about the importance of Google Reviews and the role it plays in the consumer journey. In this blog we discuss the importance of reviews and the role it plays for customers when making purchasing decisions. When researching for a product or shopping online consumers are highly influenced by product reviews. The majority of shoppers consider reviews an essential resource when making a purchase decision. Hence it's vital for your strategy to ensure that your customers have a seamless and optimized experience.

Customers are looking at what their peers and other buyers have to say about the product or service. They want to find out more about a product and the purchase experience when checking reviews on a product page. At times their search starts on the retailer site and reviews play an important role in their decision to make a purchase.

Product Reviews and Brand Trust

Honest reviews from real users have the power to gain customer trust. When they trust in your product and in your brand they are more willing to add that product to the basket and finalize the purchase. Good product reviews can increase brand interaction and boost your product sales. However bad reviews can damage your reputation and impact your conversions. So how can you benefit from both positive and negative reviews?

Understand what Reviews are saying about your products

Product reviews say a lot about your brand and the experience you are providing to your consumers. They can also give insights on the consumer's shopping experience whether it was positive or negative and enable you to measure the impact this has on your brand.

With continuous monitoring of your product reviews you'll begin to identify the keywords customers use when referring to your product along with insights on how and when they are used. You can also identify trends across product categories and what products received specific types of comments.

React quickly; protect your Brand Reputation

Bad reviews are inevitable. Most brands at some points will get a few bad reviews and will need to face it. However it is up to you as to how you deal with negative comments and reviews. Depending on your product category people can get hurt or sick by using your products. Those complaints go beyond a like/dislike experience. You need to capture those comments and situations as soon as possible so you can take action quickly and mitigate serious backlash. It is important to stay on the top of new reviews and automate notifications based on bad comments. Your actions will depend on the situation but when you can spot a possible reputation crisis you can plan a strategy and react immediately.

Inform your Branding and Product teams

Do you want to create best-selling products? Listen to your customers! Conversations around your products can help you identify the successful products and branding strategies as well as failures in your positioning. Features in a product can be improved based on what your customers are saying about your product. Your brand content can also be adapted based on the perception consumers have of your products. Reviews can give you insights on how your customers perceive your brand and help you bridge the gap between that and how you want them to perceive it.

How can you keep track of your Product Reviews?

Checking your product reviews across all your product portfolio and your online retailers can be difficult if you have to do it manually. The first step to benefit from product reviews is to look for a solution that automatically informs you on new reviews and allows you to search product reviews easily.

Our Product Reviews allows you to identify and analyze your product reviews per retailer search by specific keywords configure alerts among other key features that will help you to get the most of this functionality. Speak to one of our experts today to learn more about Product Reviews.

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