How to Build an Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy

Creating a customer journey map is pretty straightforward. But it can take a lot of time especially when gathering insights from your target audience.

1. Determine your specific business goals.

What campaigns do you want to run and what KPIs will you measure for each? Are you just focused on sales or are you trying to build brand awareness? Get specific on what you're trying to accomplish with each channel marketing campaign. Knowing the end goal is key to creating an omnichannel strategy.

2. Do a deep dive into your ideal customer's behavior.

Develop buyer personas based on your ideal customer. What are their pain points? How do they look for solutions? How do they prefer to shop and pay for items they buy? These answers will differ based on demographics such as age and location.

3. Create tailored campaigns for each buyer persona and channel.

Remember you are building and nurturing relationships with your audience. Tailor each touch point to be personal and engaging. By providing value with your marketing content you help to gain your customer's trust. This makes them more comfortable and more likely to click the buy button.

4. Make it easy for customers to buy from you at each stage of the customer journey.

No matter what channel your customer is using i.e. mobile web social media in-store etc. - make it easy for them to buy your product in the least amount of steps necessary. Give them all the options for where to buy and how to buy and consider offering time-sensitive incentives to entice them to buy now.

Final thoughts

Omnichannel marketing is no longer a nice-to-have when it comes to sales. If you want to capture (and keep!) consumers' attention you have to be where they are interact the way they like and make it incredibly easy for them to buy your product.

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