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Experience a more relevant, shopper-focused Where-to-Buy Solution and a reimagined landing page builder with customizable, one-click deploy templates – no designer needed. 

With today’s fragmented consumer journey, studies show that shoppers now interact with brands on up to 20 different channels. Consumers are prioritising convenience and social media trends over traditional financial considerations. Gender and generational gaps exist in spending habits, with Gen Z and Millennials heavily rely on social media and communication is now bidirectional thanks to user generated feedback through reviews and social media. 

The transformed consumer path to purchase is now challenging every brand to step up. It's now imperative to deliver compelling experiences across as many relevant channels as possible.

Introducing Add to Cart Functionality

To maximise sales conversions, your media effectiveness must be on par with the current consumer journey. 

Streamlining the path to purchase is now made simpler with ChannelSight’s Add to Cart functionality, unlocking multi-channel shopping in just one click for the consumer. 

Brands now have the freedom to choose between or offer both Buy Now and Add to Cart check-out options across all Where to Buy Widget and Shoppable Media templates. 

Add to Cart enables single click checkouts across media channels for any product in your catalogue and reduces friction. 

Streamlined Path to Purchase​ 

Reduce friction allowing consumers to add products directly to retailer carts, increasing conversions and capturing more sales and basket checkout data.  

Maximise Conversions​ 

Improve media effectiveness by implementing single click to check out across your media channels ensuring more products make it to consumers carts. ​ 

Drive Recurring Sales​ 

Become part of consumers' weekly or monthly shopping routines, unlocking the potential for repeat purchases. Furthermore, capitalising on retailer cart abandonment strategies further increases the chances of conversion. 

Up to 83 percent of shoppers compare prices on a few different sites before making an online purchase. Delivering geo-aware stock and price in real time to shoppers is crucial to maximising sales conversions and increasing omnichannel performance. 

That's why we’ve built our Real Time Stock & Price capabilities into all our Where to Buy templates. Our goal is to ensure no brand ever misses a sale due to a broken consumer journey by dynamically presenting retailers that have products in stock. Additionally, this feature provides consumers a better experience with a more relevant set of online and in-store retailers based on their location. 

New Click and Configure Landing Page Templates

Creating consistent, premium shopping experiences is essential to capture consumers’ attention in a noisy digital retail environment.

Providing an optimised landing page for your shoppable media campaigns is a crucial step towards a streamlined user experience for shoppers and ultimately – an increase in your sales conversions. 

To continue providing better experiences for our brands’ consumers, we’re introducing a new multi-product landing page template with enhanced no-code design features, reducing the dependency on designers and offering a superior experience on mobile.

When creating a custom landing page, you are creating a branded experience for the consumer. It also enables you to convert media impressions into positive brand engagements and measure performance in real time. The enhanced landing page builder delivers: 

Increased Brand Engagement​ 

Create and deploy customisable branded landing pages and convert impressions from social channels to positive brand engagements. 

Editing In Real Time​ 

Select from a series of pre-built, no design needed templates or create a fully custom experience - all hosted by ChannelSight. 

Understanding of Purchase Outcomes​ 

Anchor campaign success in sales revenue and see exactly what consumers bought, including competitor or complementary products. 

A lack of understanding on what consumers prioritise in their user experience is a massive risk for sales conversions. Three in four consumers will abandon their path to purchase (both online and in-store) if they encounter a poor user experience.  

With numerous new landing page templates now on offer, we’ve introduced a new and improved landing page campaign builder – reducing the time to create and deploy campaigns by half. 

Introducing Dedicated Shoppable Media Analytics

Digital ads can increase brand awareness by 80%, but tracking the concrete impact of media activations on sales ​can be a challenge. That's why we’ve taken steps to create a dedicated shoppable media analytics space in the ChannelSight Portal, so you can now easily view all media campaign performance and KPIs across multiple platforms in one place.  

Self-Serve Analytics​ 

ChannelSight’s shoppable media analytics offers a complete set of self-serve reports giving brands a one-stop-shop for all media insights including performance, traffic, sales & revenue in a digestible format.

Measure Marketing Effectiveness 

Dedicated reporting enables you to measure marketing effectiveness​ through using actual sales data to discover which products and content resonate most with your consumers.  

Identify and Import New Audience Data 

Additionally, you can sync the audience data including engagement events and checkout data captured through your Shoppable Links and Landing Pages to your preferred Ads and CRM platforms. By doing so brands can identify new high intent target audiences further creating media efficiencies and optimise your media targeting. 

Ensuring a smooth path to purchase and optimised consumer experience can empower your brands to make lasting impressions and maximise sales conversions.  

Learn how to get there by speaking to the ChannelSight team today.

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