ChannelSight is Google Click Tracker Certified

2 mins

ChannelSight is now certified for Google Click Tracker, complying with the latest internet safety protocols. We’re the first Commerce Enablement And Analytics Provider to meet this certification meaning we can ensure our clients can continue to track, uninterrupted, clicks and sales from different media channels.

In essence, this certification streamlines and optimises the approval process for links intended for use in Google Ads, created through ChannelSight - significantly reducing the risk of links being paused or suspended. Those without this certification are now at risk of failure to protect users from click tracker abuse if utilising channels such as Google Ads.

The result being that ChannelSight clients will be able to trust that our solutions within their campaigns will be trusted by Google and that any resulting shoppable media campaigns that they’re running will be positively impacted.

“We're pleased to have received click tracking certification for Google, this really helps us strengthen our position as a leading shoppable media enabler for our clients,” Ben Fairclough, ChannelSight Client Service Director, said. “And ensuring that in a privacy-first world they can manage their retail campaigns with confidence.”

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