Top Five Ted Talks For Digital Marketers

Digital marketers must be perpetual students if they're to keep up with the rapid rate of change and innovation in the industry. And what better way to do so than with Ted Talks? These free easy to watch and often highly entertaining and powerful talks can inspire and motivate you to get more from both your professional and personal life. Here at ChannelSight we too love a good Ted Talk! And in an effort to help digital marketers get inspired and hone your digital knowledge and skills further we've pulled together five of our favourite Ted Talks we think all of you should watch. We've even ranked them according to their ever-increasing number of views and detailed their lengths so you know exactly how much time they require of you. So set aside a little Ted-time for your next five lunch breaks to take one in. You'll learn you'll laugh and you may even cry!

Kevin Slavin: How Algorithms Shape Our World

Views: 3.7million+ Duration: 15:16

Here Slavin delivers a highly entertaining and fascinating if slightly brain-twisting insight in to how our lives and indeed our very planet are increasingly shaped and controlled by algorithms. As we discussed in our recent blog series Why Brands Need To Start Adapting To AI Immediately understanding how these bad boys work is now essential for brand survival. Equally if not more timely than when Slavin first gave it in 2011 this talk is a must-watch for all digital marketers. Choice quote: The landscape was always made by this weird uneasy collaboration between nature and man. But now there is this third kind of evolutionary force algorithms �the Boston Shuffler the Carnival and we will have to understand those as nature. And in a way they are.

Andrew Stanton: The Clues To A Great Story

Views: 3million+ Duration: 19:10

With writing credits for the likes of Toy Story Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc. under his belt this man knows a thing or two about story-telling. Here he shares his wisdom on what it takes to tell a great story. Insightful as well as touching in parts (you might find you 'have something in your eye' at those points) this is not just for aspiring screenwriters. Every brand needs to tell a story to make that all-important emotional connection with consumers and there are plenty of pointers here for digital marketers on how best to do so. Choice quote: We all want affirmations that our lives have meaning and nothing does a greater affirmation than when we connect through stories.

Professor Scott Galloway: How Amazon Apple Facebook And Google Manipulate Our Emotions

Views: 2.2million+ Duration: 19:06

This opens with the warning: This talk contains graphic language. Viewer discretion advised. Which is why we love Galloway he is often irreverent and always on point. Here he unleashes a spectacular rant about the Big Four and how they've become so powerful. This is not just for digital marketers but for anyone with even a passing interest in modern society as a whole. The ears of Jeff Bezos Tim Cook Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page will continue to burn as long as this talk remains in the ether. And if you fancy regular updates of Galloway's brilliance subscribe to his 'Winners & Losers in a Digital Age' series on YouTube. Choice quote: I don't think you can build a multi-billion-dollar organization unless you are clear on which instinct or organ you are targeting.

Seth Godin: The Tribes We Lead

Views: 2.1million+ Duration: 17:20

What begins with seemingly random talk of people who dress up as stuffed animals for a living winds up a clear call to arms for digital marketers: To propel your brand product or service forget the masses. Instead identify a need form a digitally connected tribe around it and let that build to a movement. The blogging superstar and marketing guru gives the example of Zappos which is not just a shoe store but a massive global community of footwear fanatics. Choice Quote: Bob Marley did not invent Rastafarians. He just stepped up and said 'follow me'.

Renny Gleeson: 404 The Story Of A Page Not Found

Views: 1.6million+ Duration: 4:01

There's a valuable lesson for all digital marketers in this four-minute gem in which Gleeson examines what brands can learn from the 404 error page. After a start-up he was working with embedded a funny video in one of their 404 pages that really represented their brand and got a positive reaction it forced them and the other start-ups he was working with to consider how a simple mistake can reinforce what your brand is what it's not and why people should love it. Choice quote: Little things done right matter and well-designed moments build brands. Now these talks have inspired all manner of amazing new digital marketing campaigns in you learn how you can take them to the next level with Buy Now technology by contacting one of our friendly team today!

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