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Best B2B Ecommerce Solutions

At ChannelSight, our comprehensive e-commerce solutions are designed to provide retail brands with cutting-edge technologies that optimize the customer journey and drive sales, ultimately increasing conversions and fostering brand loyalty. We empower brands with the competitive edge they need to not only survive but thrive in today’s dynamic e-commerce landscape.

Drive Website Conversions:

We deliver a seamless and click-to-buy experience that allows businesses to optimize their eCommerce channels and create ideal shopper experiences. Our technology enables brands to seamlessly add "Buy Now" calls-to-action to their website or product pages, guiding customers to complete a purchase. We then provide the tools to track those purchase decisions, understand retailer conversion rates, and analyse customer purchase behaviour.

Optimize Marketing and Create Media Efficiency:

By integrating with ChannelSight, businesses gain valuable insights into consumer behaviour, enabling personalized marketing strategies that drive further conversions and upselling. Our robust tracking and analytics ensure a data-driven approach to optimizing the customer journey, finding efficiencies through improvements in click-through and conversion rates, and gaining new audiences through tagging and attributing purchases to the original source channel.

Embed “Buy Now” Options Across All Media Types:

With the ability to embed "Buy Now" options across any media type where consumers engage with your product, ChannelSight enables a cohesive and frictionless shopping experience. Integrating "Buy Now" functionality across various channels, including social media, videos, and advertisements, allows businesses to capture consumer interest at every touchpoint.

Create Customizable Branded Experiences:

Through ChannelSight, brands can develop and deploy customizable branded landing pages. These pages serve as ecommerce aggregators to convert high-intent shoppers while also being customized for use as an extension of marketing campaigns, creating engaging experiences beyond the click-through from social platforms.

Ultimately, ChannelSight empowers e-commerce businesses to maximize the impact of their e-commerce marketing and gain visibility into actual sales data across their retailer network. As the online shopping space continues to evolve, ChannelSight is there every step of the way, helping brands enhance their e-commerce channels and grow their businesses using the power of data and analytics.

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