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eCommerce Analytics Software Platform

At ChannelSight, our e-commerce personalization software is tailored to assist brands in tracking digital activations, media performance, and purchase outcomes across retailers and marketplaces. Leveraging sales data insights, businesses can optimize conversions, enhance customer engagement, and refine their consumer journeys.

Elevate Your eCommerce Strategy:

We empower e-commerce brands to:

  • Drive increased revenue by facilitating the final step to conversion.
  • Provide a better experience for shoppers.
  • Utilize actual sales data to optimize marketing performance.

Where to Buy:

Our Where to Buy solution allows you to embed "Buy Now" calls-to-action into any digital content, making it instantly shoppable. This includes product pages, social media posts, advertisements, and more, enabling you to track and attribute purchase outcomes to specific channels. This functionality helps you understand ROI and create media efficiencies.

Shoppable Media:

Shoppable Media transforms media activations into shoppable experiences, inspiring purchases by providing consumers and brand fans a direct path to purchase from any paid, owned, or earned media.

Digital Shelf:

Digital Shelf equips brands with the tools needed to quickly and easily monitor their products' online presence across every digital touchpoint. It offers valuable data on content and performance to strengthen your market position.

Create a Cohesive Brand Experience:

Ensure a unified message and aesthetic across all marketing channels with ChannelSight’s e-commerce software platform. Maintain a consistent brand experience across all channels, instilling trust when users click from social media by utilizing shoppable media landing pages. Avoid a stark white page with colourful buttons that may compromise the seamless experience.

Monitor Product Performance and Drive Sales:

Leverage Digital Shelf Analytics to efficiently monitor your products’ online presence across retail partners. Utilize tools such as Content Compliance to ensure a consistent brand experience and convert more consumers through optimized product listings. Use Ratings & Reviews to gain valuable insights into consumer preferences, identify and highlight positive reviews as testimonials, and promptly address negative reviews.

Secure Top Search Placements:

Secure top search placements and gain a competitive advantage within your online retailer network. Drive sales by increasing product visibility and traffic, and optimize your overall search position to outperform competitors. Using Search Placement, gain insights into the search terms and keywords driving traffic and sales, enabling data-driven decisions to boost marketing ROI.

In conclusion, ChannelSight is dedicated to helping e-commerce businesses maximize the impact of their e-commerce marketing and gain visibility into actual sales data across their retailer network. As the online shopping space evolves, ChannelSight is there every step of the way, assisting brands in enhancing their e-commerce channels and growing their businesses using the power of data and analytics.

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