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eCommerce Platforms

At ChannelSight, we collaborate seamlessly with brands' existing e-commerce platforms to track digital activations, media performance, and purchase outcomes across retailers and marketplaces.

The More You Know, The Better You Sell:

We believe in providing brands with actionable insights into consumer behaviour. Our mission is to assist e-commerce brands in gathering, analysing, understanding, and leveraging data to enhance their product catalogue's online performance and maximize conversions at every stage of the customer journey.

Our cutting-edge technology effortlessly integrates with your website. Utilizing your existing product catalogues, we pull sales data and purchase outcomes across your retailer network, analysing and optimizing online sales channels without disrupting any current operations.

Streamline Your Customer’s E-Commerce Journey:

At ChannelSight, we offer e-commerce brands the ability to:

  • Drive increased revenue by facilitating the final step to conversion.
  • Provide a better experience for shoppers.
  • Use actual sales data to optimize marketing performance.

Where to Buy: 

Our Where to Buy  solution allows you to embed "Buy Now" calls-to-action into any digital content, making it instantly shoppable. This includes product pages, social media posts, advertisements, and more. It enables you to track and attribute purchase outcomes to specific channels, helping you understand ROI and create media efficiencies.

Shoppable Media:

Our Shoppable Media turns media activations into shoppable experiences, inspiring purchases by providing consumers and brand fans a direct path to purchase from any paid, owned, or earned media.

Digital Shelf:

With Digital Shelf , we provide brands the tools they need to quickly and easily monitor their products' online presence across every digital touchpoint, offering valuable data on content and performance to strengthen your market position.

E-Commerce Changed How We Shop. Now, Data Changes How We Sell:

At ChannelSight, we provide the critical tools necessary to stay competitive and thrive in the dynamic world of e-commerce. As the online shopping space continues to evolve, ChannelSight is there every step of the way, helping brands enhance their e-commerce channels and grow their businesses using the power of data and analytics.

By analysing customer behaviour in real-time, we help you turn browsers into buyers and buyers into brand loyalists.

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