The battle for digital shelf space is fierce especially on popular marketplaces such as Amazon. While the physical shelf has space for about 200 SKUs, the digital shelf only has space for about 12 SKUs. It becomes even more limited for space in the mobile shelf, which features approximately 3 SKUs. Finally, the vocal shelf, as brought to us by-products such as Alexa, only features 1 SKU. It is a competitive space to navigate through and win on. 

Here are a few ways that can help you win on the digital shelf: 

  • Build a strong product detail page and continue to optimise it. Ensure the essential product information is presented clearly,
  • Suppor your product detail page with strong imagery. Use multiple product shots from different angles and views, and the likes of lifestyle shots showing it out of the box and in use. Remember that consumers can’t ‘try things on for size’ in the online store, so content needs to compensate.
  • Make your titles count! If you have a digital shelf monitoring solution, you can get insights on which keywords you rank the highest for. Be clear and concise in your titles.
  • Encourage positive customer feedback and product reviews but don’t ignore the negative feedback. If you receive a bad review or negative feedback, address the issue. For example: Leave a comment that begins with an apology for the buyer’s bad experience, reaffirm your commitment to customer service, and add a link or email address so the buyer can contact you privately away from prying public eyes.

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