If a retailer displays your product poorly or it’s out of stock you lose the sale. With so many sites, are you confident about their listings?

  • Content Compliance: show products at their best, with the right content everywhere
  • eTail Monitoring: track down retailer pricing and availability issues, to maximise sales

Right now, you can’t control how customers engage with your brand on retailer sites. If you could drive better engagement, how much more would you sell?

  • Where to Buy: sell more by letting customers shop directly from your brand content
  • Ratings: drive conversions by analysing and displaying retailer product ratings
  • Reviews: analyse what people are saying about your products to protect your brand and sales

Without performance insights from retailer sites, you can only guess which actions work. What would you do differently if you knew for sure?

  • Where to Buy: know – don’t guess – when a user converts on a retailer site
  • Search Placement*: prevent your products from disappearing in critical on-site searches
  • Promotions Analysis*: find out how retailer promotions impact your products

*product in progress