Where to Buy and Buy Now: Clear, measurable ROI and actionable insights

In order to maximize sales the first priority is to ensure the users have a clear frictionless path to complete their purchase and are not confused about how to buy the product. Negative user experiences result in high bounce rates and low sales and users who have a poor customer experience are much less likely to return to give you another chance. It's essential you make a great first impression and give them a clear choice to maximize the likelihood of them converting now.

Buy Now: Clear measurable ROI and actionable insights

Here at ChannelSight we work with multinational brands to activate optimize and streamline 'Buy Now/Where to Buy' solutions for brands and partners every day keeping the customer experience seamless and providing unique insight into what users are doing in the channel after their direct engagement with the brand has ended.

What is 'Buy Now?' Buy Now is a technology that enables brands to deep link to product pages on retailer sites where the product a user is looking at is available. This shortens and speeds up the buying process resulting in an increased conversion rate and driving frictionless purchasing from any channel or platform the brand is using to engage customers.

ChannelSight Buy Now on Philips Korea

Sounds simple? Yes it is extremely simple to set-up and to integrate. ChannelSight's machine learning and automated matching and updating technology does all the hard work for you to ensure a quick implementation. It's a fire and forget service so once it's integrated you can forget about it knowing it's largely self-managing. You can focus on reviewing the sales data, KPI and ROI dashboard reports.

Behind the Curtain: Data and Insights Every click lead and sale you receive via our service is registered. This data in return helps our clients to further optimize the path to purchase for their consumers plan effective media campaigns and tweak the current website user experience (UX) based on consumer interactions. The data provides a lot of critical data points to enable you to optimize your consumer journey from traffic source conversion rates leads and clicks to more complex insights like product data complementary products (brand/non-brand sales data) device source and so on. This data is generally used by our clients to evaluate their media retailer and product development strategies (Example: What products you should bid on Amazon and next to which products?).

Buy Now on Media

We have also helped our clients directly integrate Buy Now solutions into media assets (Dynamic Videos, Interactive Display Ads, Social Media ads, and more) The whole idea is to provide consumers with as much choice as possible and to provide insights across every touch point to facilitate campaign optimization's based on the data that the ChannelSight reporting portal provides. The great thing is that ChannelSight can also export this data directly to your own reporting suite to create a clear holistic view of all your platform and campaign analytics.

Will it effect my direct online sales?

No. We have deployed our Buy Now technology for many of clients and partners who wanted to provide both the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) and channel-linked shopping options and using AB testing have repeatedly verified that there was no cannibalization of D2C store sales strategy. If a customer is unfamiliar with your website they would normally find the retailer via search or shopping portals at which point you have lost any insights into the user journey. Our service essentially gives you the consumer journey conversion platform and complementary products sold where before you had no insight into this at all.

Buy Now for Global Markets

ChannelSight has retailer relationships across all major markets and regions and with both specialized and marketplace retailers. This means that you can globally expand the Buy Now strategy across all your markets based on your regional and seasonal marketing strategy. Lastly we have seen some staggering ROI for our clients and we are not at all surprised why. The choice-based ROI model if integrated across your site and digital touchpoints can take your online sales to the next level and all this is driven by simply giving your users the freedom to choose.

Making the World Instantly Shoppable.

At ChannelSight are very serious about the insights that can be gathered via our service - they have the potential to revolutionize your online and offline digital commerce strategy and provide clear data on what you can do to address bottlenecks to unleash growth. We are constantly testing and developing our solution to provide even more functionality and insights for our brands and partners and stay ahead of the curve in an ever evolving digital ecosystem. The whole idea is to make ecommerce for our clients as accountable and easy as possible and indirectly help them to generate meaningful and long lasting relationships with their customers.

Complementing your Direct-to-Consumer strategy with a Where to Buy Solution
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