ChannelSight and Syndy Enter Partnership to Accelerate e-commerce Growth for Brands

ChannelSight and Syndy today announced the formation of a partnership to offer a combined solution to help the world's largest brands increase e-commerce sales.

ChannelSight enables brands to grow online and offline sales with their sophisticated Buy Now platform. The technology integrates with brand content (brand websites social media profiles etc.) to help customers jump straight to an approved partner retailer and complete their purchase instantly. Syndy is a 'one-stop-shop' solution for brands with multinational operations to take control of their products across the e-commerce channel.

Through efficient product content distribution across retailer websites and real-time online store checks Syndy empowers brands to make smarter decisions about their product performance online. The parties will leverage the complementary features of ChannelSight's Buy Now platform and Syndy's e-commerce content distribution platform. The combined offering will allow brands to optimize each step in the consumer e-commerce journey from researching a product on a brand website to completing the purchase on a partner retailer site.

We're excited to partner with Syndy to provide even more powerful insights and a higher return on investment for our clients John Beckett CEO of ChannelSight.

ChannelSight will simplify the consumer transition from seeking information about a product on a brand's website to finding an online retailer selling it. Syndy will ensure optimal product representation on the retailer site helping the consumer to make a purchasing decision. ChannelSight removes friction from the e-commerce journey. We're glad that Syndy's complementary technology can help brands to take control of the last step ensuring conversion driven product representation at the online point of sale Pieter van Herpen CEO of Syndy.

About ChannelSight

ChannelSight is making the world instantly shoppable. The company enables brands to grow e-commerce sales and market share by providing a digital Buy Now service that allows internet shoppers to quickly and easily locate a partner retailer where they can buy the product they are interested in. This simplified online purchasing process allows brands to build better customer relationships increase conversion rates and improve marketing effectiveness by showing which advertisements are working and which are not across all digital platforms. Founded in 2013 and based in Ireland clients include Philips Bosch PepsiCo Bacardi and Duracell. Gartner named ChannelSight a Cool Vendor in 2016.

About Syndy

Syndy creates leading product experiences in e-commerce for its customers (brands) while driving cost efficiencies and incremental sales. At the heart of Syndy lies its online platform; which provides brands with market-by-market access to product content and a system that automatically distributes and tracks product content across retailer websites. Syndy's platform integrates with leading PIM/ DAM/ ERP/ MDM and can be used as an add-on to existing IT structures. Founded in 2012 today Syndy works with 1.500+ manufacturers in Europe and the US across the following product categories; consumer goods (grocery beauty pet care pharma) electronics home decor sports fashion luxury white goods office supplies software and hardware. For more information on Syndy's e-commerce product content distribution and analytics technology visit or email

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