Buy Now Buttons Can Transform an eCommerce Strategy

Buy Now buttons are a crucial but often underestimated element of the eCommerce consumer journey. Many marketers aren't aware of the full value that they provide.

Read on to find out how Buy Now buttons can be used to make all of your content shoppable provide a streamlined digital path to purchase and collect detailed customer journey data.

What is a Buy Now button and why do you need one?

The Buy Now button is a clickable call-to-action in the form of a button that kicks off the process of making a purchase. Often a Buy Now button acts as a shortcut that takes shoppers straight to the online checkout.

Sometimes Buy Now buttons will send consumers to their shopping cart or a separate landing page. Brands that insert these types of calls-to-action on social media blogs and other third-party websites will often take this approach so shoppers can closely examine a product before checking out or decide where they'd like to buy the item.

A Where to Buy solution is a type of Buy Now button which enables consumers to decide exactly which online marketplace retailer or D2C site they'd like to purchase the item from whilst providing highly detailed consumer purchase data.

What is a Where to Buy solution?

A Where to Buy solution helps brands to streamline the consumer journey with a Buy Now button that is placed on their website or digital asset. This brings the consumer directly to online retailers such as Amazon Walmart or Target to complete their purchase.

For brands using an omnichannel approach 'Where to Buy' technology enables every online campaign to generate sales.

A Where to Buy solution can facilitate sales across retail websites online marketplaces and D2C channels taking the consumer to the basket in just a couple of clicks. Shoppers can easily view product availability across all retailers and then choose their preferred store to purchase from.

Without the smooth path to purchase that the Where to Buy solution provides shoppers may head to the likes of Amazon eBay or Walmart to search for your product. While searching they'll be bombarded with sponsored ads and alternative products so they could end up taking their business elsewhere.

There's another crucial advantage that Where to Buy solutions offer and that is the consumer journey data which they provide.

Where to Buy solutions enable brands to see exactly which SKUs the consumer goes on to purchase including competitor items. This is very helpful to identify product bundles and instances of competitors running ads on your product pages. Check out the video below to see what it looks like in action.

6 ways to boost conversions with a Buy Now button

The more you optimize use of the Buy Now button the more impact they will have on your eCommerce success. Here are five points to consider when adding them on your campaigns and website.

1. Place your Buy Now buttons prominently

Placing a Buy button in blog posts emails and other useful content is a great way to encourage your audience to make a purchase.

This provides a convenient path to conversion for those who are ready to buy. But because you're not hitting visitors with a full-blown sales pitch you won't ruin the experience of those who are still conducting research.

Evergreen Garden Care used a 'Where to Buy' solution to transform their website's conversion rates. What was originally an information hub featuring gardening advice is now a source of sales growth and revenue generation for the company.

On product pages your Buy Now button should appear in a prominent position near the top. This makes the crucial CTA immediately visible. It also requires less scrolling and effort from shoppers who still expect key information to appear above the fold.

Place your button where consumers can't miss it - no matter what device they use. Just below the main image or near the price tag will work well.

2. Make the next step as easy as possible

A 2022 report on shopping cart abandonment revealed the average cart abandonment rate ranges from 59.2% to 79.8%. In terms of impact on revenue this equates to $18 billion annually. But convenient Buy Now buttons can help reduce cart abandonment.

Almost a quarter of shoppers say they abandon their products because they don't want to create an account. Another 26% simply find the checkout process too tedious and complicated. So make sure your Buy button experience removes these barriers.

Provide a checkout option that doesn't require signing up and encourage account holders to save their personal details for future convenience.

Amazon for example offers shoppers two options on its product pages: 'Add to Cart' or 'Buy Now'. The first option brings users to their shopping cart to review their products. Whereas the Buy Now button takes them straight to a screen that asks them to confirm their shipping and payment details. It takes just one more click for an order to be complete.

Similarly Instagram's in-app shopping has proven successful because users provide their personal details once and can then buy products from countless brands.

According to research from the Baymard Institute most large eCommerce sites could significantly improve their checkout flow and doing so would increase their conversions by up to 35%!

3. Combine Buy Now buttons with retargeting

Since cart abandonment is so common many online stores use retargeting campaigns to re-engage the shoppers who didn't convert.

Brands will often try to win these prospects over with special offers short-term discounts and reminders of what is currently sitting in their shopping cart. Marketers who combine these tactics with an eye-catching Buy Now button and a streamlined checkout process can really boost their sales.

Offering a simple path to conversion could be exactly what was missing the first time around.

4. An eye-catching design is crucial

A Buy Now button should be designed to attract attention. To achieve this you need to consider colour copy and size.

To stand out your Buy button should be designed differently from the rest of your website. Though it may seem counterintuitive it should use colours that contrast with the rest of your store's colour scheme.

eCommerce marketers often use red to create a sense of urgency. It is a colour that can invoke excitement and drive shoppers to act without delay. Some data even suggests that using it on a CTA button will attract more clicks than a more muted colour. Similarly orange and yellow can also attract attention while also promoting urgency.

Contrasting fonts and text colours can also make your Buy button more appealing while increasing its size should also have a similar effect.

5. Take advantage of data and analytics

Tracking the impact of your Buy Now buttons is essential if you want to increase conversions. The ChannelSight 'Where to Buy' solution provides highly detailed purchase data that can help brands understand the consumer journey across third-party sales channels such as Amazon Walmart or any other online retail sites.

Smart home technology brand tado  used this data to map out the shopping journey of its customers and create detailed personas. It also identified trends in complementary product purchases and demographic behaviour. As a result the brand was able to implement changes that doubled their conversion rate.

Split testing can also help brands figure out what button designs and checkout processes drive the most clicks and conversions. Just make one small change at a time so you can figure out exactly what works and what doesn't.

6. Understand your UX

Your website's user experience is among the most fundamental influences that can make or break conversions. If you're not adhering to consumer needs and user experience (UX) best practices you're likely losing easy conversions on your product pages. By using a 'Where to Buy' solution you provide a seamless path to purchase and a smooth consumer journey.

It is important to remember that when figuring out what to include on your product pages there's an inherent relationship between the product consumer motivation to buy and any objections that may delay a purchase.

With a Buy Now button you can sell to your customers from any website or social media platform that supports the button's function. This drastically improves your UX as customers can purchase on the same site in seconds.

Final thoughts

Most brands look to SEO advertising and other eCommerce marketing tactics to boost their conversions. While these are certainly effective it's also important to consider the impact of your Buy Now buttons.

When they are optimized you should notice a difference in your conversion rate. Then when you invest in advertising and other marketing strategies you should benefit from a better ROI as well.

If you are curious to learn more about how ChannelSight's Where To Buy Solution can help you achieve your eCommerce goals book a demo today with our team today!

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