ChannelSight gives back to up and coming e-commerce businesses

ChannelSight's Niall O'Gorman Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer addressed the Ambition DACH conference in Thomond Park Stadium in Limerick earlier this month conducted by Enterprise Ireland with a view to supporting companies entering Germany Austria or Switzerland.

Enterprise Ireland assembled over 120 up-and-coming businesses with a view to helping them refine their strategy in setting up a presence in the DACH region. The event which included a lively panel discussion focused on digging deep into market-specific opportunities and challenges discussing the region in-depth what it is like to do business and best practices around entering the DACH market.

A key focus was placed on practicalities like obtaining grants such as market development and market entry grants from Enterprise Ireland to support the businesses in their venture. The discussion moved on to helping up and coming companies to validate the markets they are targeting. To assist with this Enterprise Ireland conducts intensive research development and innovation by way of support. This level of research is critical to the success of companies entering into new markets. Research such as Gartner reports company overview reports vertical overview reports are available to a representative of member companies on request.

The Pros and Cons of Expanding into the DACH Region

Case studies were presented to show how other Irish companies had been successful in their expansions into the DACH region and their learnings along the way.

  • Ei Electronics a manufacturer of smoke alarms broke into the German market through a partner in the 1980s. They had predicted that there would be legislation put in place for standardisation of smoke alarms across Europe and they decided after much research that Germany would be a leader in this area. Their prediction proved true leading to their continued success in the region.
  • Aerogen a manufacturer of the aerosol dispensing system - inhalers and nasal inhalers spoke about the potential language barriers when entering a region and how businesses should think about having local language resources in their team.
  • CitySwift a relatively new company had come up with clever new route-profiling technology which was not in-demand in Ireland but was well received in Germany. Enterprise Ireland's contribution was significant in their success in this region to date.

These case studies serve as a confidence booster to the up-and-coming businesses and a reminder that success is achievable in this region. Once a business enters the DACH region it creates a gateway to Eastern Europe accelerating relationships and opening up more opportunities for growth.

At ChannelSight we have greatly welcomed the support of Enterprise Ireland and we have leveraged businesses that have gone before us in our quest to break into new markets. The core of our business is helping large businesses to further grow their company globally or in specific regions. We are delighted to be in a position to give back to Enterprise Ireland in their support of up and coming businesses.

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