ChannelSight Top 10- June 2017

We at ChannelSight are always interested in anything and everything around e-commerce innovations and digital marketing. The idea is to help all our clients integrate latest innovations and digital developments as they grow their online sales with our cutting edge BuyNow technology. Every month we try to curate and share some of the best articles thought pieces digital reviews across all our social channels. These articles revolve around e-commerce news retailer updates artificial intelligence programmatic ads virtual reality and more. Starting this month we will be sharing the best articles we come across every month. Below are the Top 10 articles from last month - June 17.

  1. Nike restructures to focus on digital transformation -ZdNet
  2. One chart explains Jeff Bezos' sprawling empire | Business Insider
  3. Hold on to your meatballs: Ikea is now available on Amazon -Fast Company
  4. Here's what retailers need to know about 'programmatic' commerce if they want to survive Amazon's arrival in Australia -Business Insider
  5. 155 chatbots in this brand new landscape. Where does your bot fit? -VentureBeat
  6. Wal-Mart works to close the e-commerce gap as it competes with Amazon -The Seattle Times
  7. Amazon's homegrown products are moving beyond batteries and baby wipes -Mashable
  8. Six emerging retailers with effective strategies -Econsultancy
  9. Amazon will start selling Nike shoes directly for the first time -The Verge
  10. The Race Is On to Challenge Google-Facebook 'Duopoly' in Digital Advertising| WSJ

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