How Marketing Agencies Can Benefit from a Where to Buy Solution

It's no secret that there is immense pressure on eCommerce agencies to deliver value to their clients. On top of that the advertising industry in the past few years has changed significantly which has had a notable impact on agencies. Not only is it an ever-changing industry but there has also been a rise in competition. At ChannelSight we understand the numerous challenges that agencies face. In this blog we will share with you just how you can overcome many of these get a competitive edge over your competitors and add value to your clients.

The growing challenges for eCommerce agencies

We understand that not only is the advertising industry highly competitive but it can be testing to prove your value to your clients. You work tirelessly to create digital campaigns across various platforms to drive traffic for your clients. But despite how amazing your campaigns and marketing efforts might be clients care about the results and the value-added by your services. In addition when your clients invest budget they want to see the ROI and continuous improvement in their marketing strategies.

This means that it can be arduous to prove the success and profitability of your efforts and campaigns. While a basic overview of traffic clicks and leads can be generated these often don't provide a full picture. It's difficult to prove whether the customers you are reaching through your marketing efforts are converting and if they are then pinpointing exactly what made them convert is a challenge.

Further it can be hard to accurately measure how your campaigns are influencing the conversions and sales. For example let's assume you are running a number of campaigns for Brand A and the objective is to drive sales via e-retailers. But you are not able to track the user journey once they click through from your campaign and go to the retailer website. This becomes an even bigger challenge if the user leaves that particular session and comes back at a later date to buy your brand's product. It would be much easier to prove your worth and provide a fuller picture on the ROI if you could trace all the purchases that came from your marketing campaigns. Well we have some good news for you. You can give full visibility into the marketing funnel and optimise your ad spend track and measure the influence of your campaigns on sales and give more insights back to your clients. Want to learn how? Read on.

The how of overcoming the challenges

You can overcome many of the challenges discussed above and provide full visibility into the marketing funnel to your clients with our Where to Buy solution. Our solution helps brands your clients drive more online sales and track the consumer journey. This is done by connecting online consumers through a tracked 'Buy Now' button that is placed on the brand's digital content (brand site social digital campaigns etc) and drive consumers directly to online retailers such as Amazon Walmart or Tesco to complete their purchase. When a consumer clicks on one of our 'Buy Now' buttons on a product on a brand's website or digital asset they will then be presented with all the available online retailers that stock the product. Once the retailer is chosen the consumer will be redirected to the product page on that retailer site in just one click. Through our technology we can track the entire consumer journey and provide you with actionable insights.

The brand's product catalogue will be crawled daily creating a match between the retailer's page listing of the product and the brand's own website listing of the product. This enables us to provide you with full visibility into the marketing activity including the influence your marketing campaigns have had on sales and conversions on a customised dashboard. Even if a user drops off after clicking Buy Now and returns at a later date to purchase a product our technology enables us to trace back those purchases as well. You can learn more about how our where to buy solution works here.

A Where To Buy solution helps to move consumers more swiftly down the funnel. This in turn can give you a better return on your client's investment but also gives you actionable insights to continuously improve your marketing strategies.

Getting Actionable Insights

Now that we've given you an overview of how the solution works it's clear that the deep analytical insights provided by our solution offer you a competitive edge when working with brands. Here are some of the insights that you will get with our solution:

  • With our campaigns tracking you get insights on the success of the campaigns you are running and you can see which products were purchased as a result of which campaigns. Through this you can understand whether you are driving sales for the intended products or for competitor products. You can also track and rectify any problems such as linking issues on your campaigns which is often a common error. With the insights you can also judge the success of the campaign and make changes to your campaign strategy if needed.
  • You can optimise your client's marketing budget with the campaign insights you get above. Not only can you allocate budget to the campaigns that are driving sales and are successful but you also identify the tactics that have worked for your target audience and build a blueprint strategy. Learn more about how our clients built successful marketing and eCommerce strategies with our solution.
  • With the analytics provided by ChannelSight you can also get data on what the brand's consumers are buying as a result of the campaigns you are running for your clients.
  • Our Where to Buy solution can give you access to an itemized breakdown of the shopping basket for many retailers. Through this branded items can be identified alongside non-brand complimentary or competitor items that were purchased by consumers.
  • The consumer journey is fully tracked and with ChannelSight's insights you can conduct consumer behaviour analysis reports for your clients and better define their desired target audience. This will in turn help in building optimised marketing campaigns.

The Benefits

In the extremely competitive eCommerce space it's a constant battle to win market share prove your worth to your clients and give measurable results that justify the investment the client makes in your eCommerce agency. Our Where to Buy solution can help you overcome all these challenges and then some more. With the insights available to you using ChannelSight's service you can get a competitive edge over your competitors who may not have access to the same level of in-depth actionable data to drive and measure their performance for their clients. As we mentioned above with our analytics you can track each and every purchase made from your campaigns whether it be on the website or a social campaign. Actionable insights are available from each and every one of your campaigns and marketing efforts where ChannelSight is used. This can help you to measure and convey the success of your campaigns more accurately. In turn you can better allocate budget to the campaigns that provide a higher ROI to your clients. You can also build stronger and long term relations with your clients with access to quality data insights that mutually benefit both you and them. Ready to integrate our specialist capabilities to bring insight value and more to clients?

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