Brand Analytics Integration with 1 Data-Key

That was the main gist from the great Lord of the Rings trilogy right? Over the last few months we've brought a slightly new interpretation to 'My Precious'. We developed a clean and easy way for our clients to share a data-key with their own ecommerce analytical suites. Meaning not only are they able to see users clicking out from their brand sites but they can match transactional data back to the specific user-session. Sounds exciting? It is.

What is a Data-key?

A data-key is simply a unique identifier that can be used to blend-data between two data-sets. This allows off-brand engagement data to be blended with on-site engagement data. IFor many brands not owning the final mile but seeing a significant volume of sales via Amazon, Walmart, My Ebay, Carrefour, and Tesco has brought great business growth. However they lacked visibility into the campaigns and brand tactics have the biggest impact on their bottom-line.

The ability to provide a snapshot of user-conversion behaviors in the comfort of the analytical suite you know best has large implications on how you manage and prioritize campaigns and content.

Allowing you to :

  • View your channel-mix and its impact on eTailer sales.
  • Refine your user demographics based on transactional audience groups
  • Identify key metrics like sessions per transaction and LTV (Life-time-value)
  • Build remarketing tactics for non-transactional audiences.

But most importantly to add a performance lens to all of the product content and promotion you are building based on user performance.

How does it work?

It's all quite simple whenever the ChannelSight widget is loaded in a session we send an adjacent call to find the data-key this can be a session-ID cookie-ID or anonymized data-ID. The unique ID enables us to measure each user-click with a common-ID that sits between our sales-tracking and your web-analytics.

Integrating with Google Analytics

The user-journey and process of capturing and blending data on a data-key can be done across any major DMP or analytical suite. We have built our native analytic integrations around the two most widely used analytical suites our brands use ; Google Analytics & Adobe Analytics.

  1. Here we find the a data-key and add this to all our retailer buttons.
  2. When the user reaches the order-confirmation page the transaction is completed.
  3. ChannelSight receives the basket-composition and a unique key from the retailer.
  4. The data is exported back into Google Analytics.
  5. ChannelSight then maps this back to the original Google session and the data can then be aggregated to channel audience engagements.

Once the data is integrated back into Google Analytics it allows your team to easily view the ecommerce results of the previous 24 hours as part of their key dashboards. Giving brands the ability to leverage the wider e-commerce capabilities of Google Analytics.

You're nearly at Mordor

Indeed we are reaching the final hurdle. Whilst it's not quite as warm as an erupting volcano we're pretty sure this last bit will leave you suitably entertained. So we've integrated with your analytics now what?

Well that's where the fun really starts. Let's take Google Analytics as our test-bunny again. They have many nice features for you to leverage that go way beyond your brand and Digital Shelf Analytics Platform. Syncing that humble data-key between ChannelSight and Google Analytics allows you to bring some advanced tactics to the table.

  • Sync GA with Google Ads - to understand the specific campaign and audience tactics that had the biggest impact on eTailer conversions and build look-a-like audiences to generate more of the same.
  • Add the Facebook Pixel to your brand-site allowing you to see who visited and engaged and where they went to. Refining your social strategy with performance data.
  • Keyword explorer - by aggregating ecommerce sessions to channels you can see which keywords are driving the most sessions vs the most transactions allowing you to identify SEO tactics for newly found keyword authority.

Job Done - Back to the Shire!

To summarize the data-key we have that we have integrated in solution as described above can have as small or big an impact on your digital strategies as you desire. It can simply allow you to view clicks and sales by channel or you can use it to live and feel like a retailer by using transactions as your primary decision influencer for your digital spend.

Either-way this capability helps brands to level the playing field with its retail partners and puts conversion insights back in the hands of brands.

Want to learn more about our E-Commerce Analytics Solutions?

ChannelSight is really excited about working with brands to leverage and explore the possibilities of analytic integrations further. If you have any questions or want to talk to one of our data-experts about this feature then don't hesitate to get in touch. You can also book a demo with our team of experts.

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