ChannelSight’s Year In Review: Top 5 Blogs In 2018

As we rounded up another fantastic year at ChannelSight, we can’t help but review and reflect on everything that happened in 2018.

We thought it was the right time to take a look back and review the blog posts our readers loved the most in 2018. So sit back, relax, and have a read of our top 5 blogs from the past year. If there is any you liked in particular, please let us know on our Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter channels!

1. The Top Five Trends Defining Consumer Electronics

The global consumer electronics market is not looking too shabby, as a staggering US$2.9 trillion is the predicted growth rate to hit by 2020. Driving this growth is the booming demand for smartphones, wearables and smart home devices, coupled with the rapidly increasing online market.

This blog takes you through the five major trends defining this industry in the future. Including how to leverage the power of retailer dominance, the booming demand for smart appliances, how every consumer touch point matters, how social media is not just a fad but a must and lastly, the rise of mCommerce.

2. The Rise Of Consumer Packaged Goods In The Ecommerce Landscape

Consumer packaged goods, everything from laundry detergent to snack bars and pet food, have long been a dark spot in the eCommerce world. However, this is starting to change, as CPG players are at an eCommerce tipping point. But what exactly is driving this growth, and how can CPG brands initiate growth in this complex and competitive market?

As a CPG provider, you need to check out this blog to help you to begin adapting to the changing climate of the industry sooner rather than later!

3. High-End Fashion & Luxury Goods: 5 Ways Brands Are Embracing Social Media

Although many high-end brands still remain cautious, more and more are adopting a digital-first approach. With online sales in this industry expected to grow by 18% in the US, 17% in the US and 70% in China, it’s time now for all high-end brands to welcome the opportunities online has to offer.

This blog takes you through how social media is shaking things up in this industry, and more importantly, the five ways brands are starting to embrace the power of social media.

4. 12 KPIs Every Ecommerce Brand Should Be Measuring

KPIs, the metrics that help you determine what changes you need to make to generate more revenue… Sounds simple right? That is until you realise there are literally hundreds of metrics and tools you can use to measure them.

This blog is so helpful to people across all functions working in eCommerce as it discusses which metrics you should be keeping a close eye on and why. It dives into the 5 basic KPIs every brand should know, the 4 important ones you should measure, and finally, the 3 highly important KPIs your brand can’t afford to miss!

5. How Brands Can Compete With Amazon Private Label Products

As the marketplace continues to evolve, retailers are on a constant voyage to differentiate and win market share. Many leading retailers are reviewing their online strategy for in-house brands, focusing on food categories, CPG products and more.

This blog takes you through how big the Amazon private label really is and how can brands begin to compete with the Giant?

So there you have it folks! But don’t stop there, this post review barely scratch the surface of all that happened in 2018! Check out some of our other blogs and resources to prepare you for 2019.

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