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ChannelSight Participate In Rhizome 2017

ChannelSight are excited to participate in Rhizome 2017 and explore the future of the connected kitchen with our partners BSH and the Home Connect Platform.

Taking place in Hamburg on September 20th, Rhizome the Connected Kitchen Conference brings together experts from science and practice, professionals from social networking, as well as entrepreneurs from the food value chain to discuss the possibilities and challenges of the post digital relationship between human and machine in the kitchen.

Kate ButlerChannelSight Participate In Rhizome 2017
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Quantifying The Value Of Brand Marketing Investment

Sales focused businesses quiet often struggle to see the value of branding and its impact on the bottom line. Branding can be considered the “nice and fluffy” side of things where teams have lots of fun pitching new concepts and ideas – like the guys on Mad Men. If only it was so easy!

Quantifying the value of brand marketing investment is an ongoing struggle for brand marketers and CMO’s. With 73% of CEO’s reporting a lack of trust in the ability of marketing departments to generate sales and increase customer conversions, demand and market share (The Fournaise Marketing Group 2011), there’s a lack of credibility for marketing at the boardroom table.

Kate ButlerQuantifying The Value Of Brand Marketing Investment
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ChannelSight to attend DMEXCO 2017 in Cologne

Are you attending dmexco 2017? Let’s meet up!

ChannelSight are delighted to attend dmexco 2017 on the 13th & 14th of September in Cologne. Bringing together leading thinkers of the digital economy to present and discuss the latest trends and innovations, dmexco is the sectors top event of the year and one not to be missed.

Are you attending dmexco 2017 and looking to increase sales conversions and maximise brand marketing investment? If yes, the ChannelSight team are here to help!

Kate ButlerChannelSight to attend DMEXCO 2017 in Cologne
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ChannelSight Attend ICCE Berlin 2017

ChannelSight, the leading provider of ecommerce Buy Now technology, are delighted to attend the ICCE Berlin 2017, taking place from the 3rd to 6th of September in the Messe, Berlin. The ICCE Berlin is the European sister conference of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society’s flagship conference “ICCE” held annually in Las Vegas, in conjunction with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Kate ButlerChannelSight Attend ICCE Berlin 2017
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3 Ways Brands Can Drive Online Sales This Back To School Shopping Season

As summer winds down, back to school shopping is well and truly underway. From laptops to pens to lunch boxes to school bags, we’re all well aware of the many products that make this the second biggest shopping season of the year.

In 2017, the back to school season is set to grow 14.8% to $74.03 billion in the US alone, according to eMarketer retail, so it’s easy to see the value and opportunity this market offers to online retailers.

Kate Butler3 Ways Brands Can Drive Online Sales This Back To School Shopping Season
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Buy Now: Clear, measurable ROI and actionable insights

In order to maximise sales, the first priority is to ensure the users have a clear, frictionless path to complete their purchase, and are not confused about how to buy the product.

Negative user experiences result in high bounce rates and low sales, and users who have a poor experience are much less likely to return to give you another chance. It’s essential you make a great first impression and give them a clear choice to maximise the likelihood of them converting now.

Buy Now: Clear, measurable ROI and actionable insights

Aditya LabheBuy Now: Clear, measurable ROI and actionable insights
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ChannelSight Top 10- June 2017

We at ChannelSight are always interested in anything and everything around e-commerce, innovations and digital marketing. The idea is to help all our clients integrate latest innovations, and digital developments as they grow their online sales with our cutting edge BuyNow technology.

Every month we try to curate and share some of the best articles, thought pieces, digital reviews across all our social channels. These articles revolve around e-commerce news, retailer updates, artificial intelligence, programmatic ads, virtual reality and more.

Starting this month we will be sharing the best articles we come across every month. Below are the Top 10 articles from last month – June 17.

Aditya LabheChannelSight Top 10- June 2017
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ChannelSight partners with Exceed.ai for AI Infused Digital Commerce Solutions

ChannelSight is pleased to announce a new partnership with Exceed.ai to offer shoppable Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven ecommerce innovations to help world’s largest brands to increase digitally influenced sales both online and offline through various messaging platforms.

Artificial Intelligence infused chatbots are applications which can learn to think, understand, make decisions and interact with users based on their queries and questions on various social messaging platforms. These chatbots are powered with algorithms, data and user commands. Artificial Intelligence solutions like chatbots can help brands drive interactions by building relationships with consumers and ultimately generating sales by getting a deeper understanding of consumer expectations.

Kate ButlerChannelSight partners with Exceed.ai for AI Infused Digital Commerce Solutions
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Luzern and ChannelSight form a Partnership to Enhance the eCommerce Path to Purchase

ChannelSight and Luzern have partnered together to develop a new 360 framework for brands that want to use their web presence to drive sales both online and offline. Using the data generated from Luzern’s proprietary eCommerce platform and ChannelSight’s ‘Buy Now’ service, this new framework will provide new innovations for brands interested in enhancing their consumer’s digital path to purchase.

Kate ButlerLuzern and ChannelSight form a Partnership to Enhance the eCommerce Path to Purchase
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Goodvidio and Channelsight enter partnership to improve E-Commerce conversion rates for brands

Goodvidio and ChannelSight announced today a partnership to offer a combined solution to help the world’s leading consumer brands increase ecommerce sales. This partnership will allow brands to leverage Goodvidio’s conversion optimization service together with ChannelSight’s Buy Now platform to deliver superior customer experience and drive online sales.

Kate ButlerGoodvidio and Channelsight enter partnership to improve E-Commerce conversion rates for brands
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