What is Where to Buy technology?

Where to Buy technology makes it simple and easy for customers to purchase products from any digital channel. Instead of just hitting and hoping that customers remember your marketing efforts, brands can channel engaged customers directly to purchasing options.

  • Turn your brand website into a shoppable site
  • Promote offers in all off-domain channels, including social media
  • Analyse and optimise marketing ROI

How we roll

1. Capture

ChannelSight’s Where to Buy technology makes all of your content and ads instantly shoppable. We capture engaged users and drive them down the purchasing funnel.

2. Connect

We connect users with a high buying intent directly to their preferred retailer. They complete their purchase without competitive distraction or delay.

3. Measure

ChannelSight measures sales activity. We show you the user journey from source to brand interaction and then through to retailer for the purchase event.

4. Optimise

We help you understand which content has the highest sales impact so you can focus your marketing budget. You create positive feedback loops and your sales numbers soar.

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