Evergreen Reach New Heights With Where to Buy Technology

Since implementing ChannelSight solutions we have sent over 35,000 leads with a value of £400,000 to partner retailer websites, which are directly attributable to our new Buy Now call-to-action.

Joanna Weston

Digital Marketing Manager, The Scotts Company (UK)


A key challenge for Evergreen Garden Care was meeting the needs of the changing consumer landscape. Due to the type and size of products sold, the garden industry has been slow to adapt to eCommerce. Evergreen was generating great website traffic but the missing link was offering consumers more options to purchase their products online when they did not have their own DTC store in place.


Evergreen Garden Care knew that tying their product offering back into their information hub and offering solutions to the challenges consumers were facing could drive sales. After a detailed RFP process, they chose ChannelSight as their Where to Buy technology provider as they knew they could offer a more robust solution across all digital media, banner advertising and social ads.


Where to Buy technology has been a key tool in helping Evergreen Garden Care drive digital transformation in line with their business strategy. Evergreen have gained 35,000 leads which are attributable to Buy Now buttons and directed leads, with a value of £400,000, to partner retailer websites. ChannelSight has provided Evergreen with valuable reporting insights and easy access to performance visibility across all brands, products and retailers, helping them allocate advertising resources more efficiently.

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