Top 3 Tips To Make Prime Day 2019 Your Best Year Yet

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We don’t need to tell you that Amazon Prime Day is a big deal, both literally and figuratively. Every year it seems to keep growing in momentum and sales. Last year, Amazon sold $4.19 billion worth of goods in only 36 hours on Prime Day 2018. This was an  increase of $1.78 billion from the $2.41 billion worth of products sold on Prime Day 2017. With figures like this your brand cannot afford to miss out on one of the biggest sales of the year.

As Amazon Prime Day is one of the biggest shopping events of the year, the website will experience a larger volume of shoppers than usual and these shoppers have a high intention to buy. Prime Day is the kind of eCommerce event that is meant to boost sales, increase brand awareness and grab the attention of shoppers from all over the world.

So how can your brand take advantage of the sales frenzy and momentum of Prime Day? We have three secret strategies that your brand can implement to find some surprising results. The potential for bigger baskets, higher conversion rates and a better ROI are all great incentives to go the extra mile on Amazon Prime Day and beyond.

Amazon Prime Day 2019

Optimise your listings

Before anyone can purchase your product they need to find it in the first place. If a tree falls in an amazonian forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Same goes for your Prime Day products. If your product offerings are on discount and no one is around to see them, how could you win at Amazon Prime Day 2019?

When you’re creating your product listings you need to think like your target audience. What are they looking for and how are they likely to search for it? This will help you start off on the right path.

  • Define Your Goals – Let’s start by defining your business goals for Prime Day 2019. Prime Day is an excellent way to boost awareness and have shoppers test your product, but it may not necessarily result in profitable sales. Take a look at your bottom line and see what your brand is capable of doing in terms of sales and revenue for the big event.
  • Research Competitors – Now is the time to research competitor brands that could be selling similar products. Take a look to see which listings are the highest ranking and why. Maybe your competitors are using words that you aren’t. It’s time to optimise your listings according to the competition. 
  • Make Hidden Keywords Your Friend – Use hidden keywords as an opportunity to optimise synonyms, acronyms, abbreviations and other alternative search terms for your products. Amazon doesn’t let you use trademarks or third-party brands in search terms, but this shouldn’t deter you from making hidden keywords your friend. It’s like a hidden secret weapon for your listings.

Utilise Advertising

As Amazon Prime Day 2019 is right around the corner you really need to be utilising advertising. When it comes to Prime Day, not just any old campaign will do. You need to go beyond the basics to properly increase your visibility and revenue. You need to be diversifying the types of advertisements that you’re using on the famous retailer’s website.

  • Amazon Buy Box – Did you know that 82% of all Amazon’s sales go through the Buy Box and that percentage is even higher for mobile purchases? As Amazon allows multiple sellers to stock the same products, sellers must compete to be featured in the Buy Box. A Buy Box placement can mean a dramatic increase in sales.
  • Lightning Deals – Lightning Deals are Amazon’s version of a flash sale. In order to qualify your items must be recommended by Amazon to submit a promotion for approval. Lightning Deals require a one time fee of $150 USD. Although the deadline for Prime Day 2019 was May 10th, 2019, it’s never too early to be thinking about next year.
  • Sponsored Posts – Amazon Campaign Manager allows you to sponsor products and brands as part of your Prime Day marketing strategy. Amazon Advertising is fundamental for sellers who want to remain visible and relevant. Consider sponsoring products through keyword targeted ads that promote individual listings.

Make Your Content the Big Focus

Good content is an integral part of any Amazon listing. Amazon A+ Content used to be a pricing system available to vendors at a fee, but now is thankfully free for unlimited use. Consider optimising A+ Content to help you reach your sales goals. Striving for good content, better images and good customer reviews are always a winning strategy for Prime Day success.

  • Strive For A+ Content – You don’t have to go too far to find some creative branding features, such as Amazon features A+ Content, Premium A= Content and Enhanced Brand Content, which can all contribute to making your brand stand out. Now is the time to remember that content is key!
  • Put a Picture to the Words – It’s one thing to write a clear and concise description of an item for sale. It’s another to add stimulating visuals alongside it to grab the attention of shoppings. Describing the product features accompanied by an image is a winning combination to push shoppers through the purchasing funnel and increase conversion.
  • Remember Reviews – Love them or hate them, customer reviews matter. Don’t let a bad customer review be the focus on your page. Did you know that 91% of 18-43 year old consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? That’s no small number and you don’t want negative reviews to be impacting your sales on Prime Day 2019.

Post Amazon Prime Day 2019

When all is said and done for Prime Day 2019 set aside some time to review your brand’s experience in the week after the event. Did you experience an increase in conversions or in profit?

What went well? What did not go so well? All of this valuable information can be used to prepare for back to school shopping, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the holiday season and Prime Day 2020.

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