What Is A Where to Buy Solution?

Every day at ChannelSight we speak to prospects and customers at various stages in the eCommerce marketing maturity curve. We can quickly identify what stage in the maturity curve a company sits at in our initial conversation.

One of the key indicators of maturity is whether a brand is using a Where to Buy solution.

Where to Buy solutions help brands drive more online sales by connecting online consumers, through a tracked ‘Buy Now’ button that is placed on the brand’s website or digital asset, directly to online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, or Target, to complete their purchase.

When a consumer clicks on one of our ‘Buy Now’ buttons on a product on a brand’s website or digital asset, they will then be presented with all the available online retailers that stock the product. Once the retailer is chosen, the consumer will be redirected to the product page on that retailer site in just one click.  

In an age where customer experience is king, providing an experience like this for your customers is a winning strategy for brands. A Where To Buy solution minimizes the steps in the consumer journey and delivers a frictionless experience for the consumer from the brand site to the purchase point on the retailer website.

Check out the video below to see what it looks like in action.

How does our Where to Buy solution work?

Our ‘Where to Buy’ solution works by first identifying your entire product portfolio or your product catalogue. We ingest that information into our “Where To Buy” system. Then, we begin the process of engaging with the brand’s chosen retailers. Each day the brand’s product catalogue will be crawled, creating a match between the retailer’s page listing of the product and the brand’s own website listing of the product.

In addition, we can pick up and collect added information from retailers such as price, stock, ratings and reviews and feed this back to the brand website.

Tado's Where to Buy solution
Smart home company Tado has used a Where to Buy solution to transform their eCommerce conversion rates.

We provide brands with a widget/lightbox that can be placed on your website. This widget pops up when a consumer clicks a ‘Buy Now’ button on your product, and all retailers that are available will be displayed in the widget, giving the consumer multiple choice of retailers from which they can purchase their product.   

ChannelSight Where To Buy Customers has full control over their instance of the tool. Our customers can build custom rules around how to display the retailers to your consumers.

For example, the order the retailers appear in, the number of retailers to display, product description and information around the price, stock and ratings. For our clients, it’s a simple implementation, but there’s a lot going on in the background.

How do Where To Buy solutions benefit my brand?  

A Where to Buy solution provides real value in a number of areas for your online store. Listed below are some of the top benefits of a WTB solution.

Frictionless path to purchase

A Where To Buy solution helps move consumers more swiftly down the funnel. The solution provides a frictionless path to purchase for anyone that is in that consideration phase of the funnel to the point of conversion at the retailer site, bypassing competitor distractions. With a single click they’re on your product page on their preferred retailer site.

Eliminating competitor distraction

Competitor distraction is a huge concern for brands selling online. A Where To Buy solution provides a direct path to purchase from a brand site or digital asset to the point of purchase, removing this risk of competitor distraction. They won’t have to search for the product on Amazon, they’ll arrive straight on your product page.

Actionable insights for future optimization

Not only does the consumer experience benefit from utilizing a WTB solution, but the added benefit for the brand is also the deep analytics that can be derived from the consumer activity, once Where To Buy tracking is placed on a brand’s Buy Now buttons.  

Logitech's Where to Buy solution
Logitech’s implementation of a Where to Buy solution enabled them to boost online conversion rates.

ChannelSight analytics will measure and provide meaningful insights across the entire path to purchase. There are multiple variations of reporting intelligence that can be derived from these analytics, answering many questions the brand might have including:   

  • Which retailer is performing or converting traffic at a higher rate?  
  • What did my customer ultimately purchase? With many retailers, brands can access an itemized breakdown of the shopping basket where branded items can be identified alongside non branded or competitor items.  
  • If my customer didn’t purchase my product, what did the customer purchase? Where did I lose the sale? A Where to Buy solution can Identify non-brand items that may be substituted, complementary products or competitors’ products that were purchased either alongside or instead of your product. 

Is a Where To Buy solution right for you?

If you are curious to learn more about how ChannelSight’s Where To Buy Solution can help you achieve your eCommerce goals, book a demo today with our team today!