Building the best Where to Buy Solution?

Imagine a prospective customer is on your brand site's product page but before making a purchase they want to see if the product is available on their favourite retailer or marketplace site. So this customer leaves your site where they come across a competitor product. Suddenly your brand went from having an interested customer to a lost sale.

This is an all-too-common scenario in eCommerce. However it is also one that could be easily avoided with a simple tool known as a Where to Buy solution. This tool has the power to not only reduce lost sales but also to increase customer satisfaction and provide valuable consumer insights.

A Where to Buy solution is becoming increasingly considered a necessary component of any successful omnichannel strategy. This is why brands like P&G Johnson & Johnson HP and Philips all use Where to Buy solutions.

Keep reading to learn how a Where to Buy solution works and how it can help your brand achieve its eCommerce objectives


How does a Where to Buy solution work?

A Where to Buy solution is a digital button that can be placed on your brand site and on all digital content and instantly shows consumers which retailers and marketplaces sell a particular product. The button is completely customisable and can be added to a brand site's home page product pages category pages or anywhere else on the site such as content or recipe pages.

But the button isn't just for brand sites and can be added to any digital asset such as online display ads social media ads shoppable videos landing pages and social posts. This enables brands to meet customers wherever they are and provide them an easy path to purchase at whichever retailer or marketplace they prefer to shop.

However the Where to Buy solution doesn't only provide a convenient path to purchase for the consumer it's also collecting valuable data with every click and purchase. Brands that use a Where to Buy solution have the power to collect actionable data on conversions retailer and marketplace performance and basket composition. This data empowers brands with the information they need to better understand and improve the customer journey.

Benefits of a Where to Buy solution

A Where to Buy solution provides a multitude of benefits for eCommerce brands. Some of the main advantages are a more streamlined consumer journey better reaching customers through shoppable media and access to consumer insights. Below we go into more detail about some of the benefits you can expect from a Where to Buy solution:

Convenient customer path to purchase

With the rise of the internet the way consumers hear about research and buy products has changed completely. As a result the modern consumer journey has become increasingly complex. There are more channels for discovering and researching products than ever before. These include search engines social media and review sites to name just a few. As more smart devices and sales channels are made available there are more ways to purchase products online too.

With so many searches to make and so many routes to take consumers can easily get distracted and drop out of your sales funnel. But adding a Where to Buy solution to your website can help simplify the user journey and keep shoppers in the conversion funnel.

With the Where to Buy solution on your website visitors can enjoy a seamless journey. This is because they will automatically see which retailers and marketplaces have your product in stock. They don't have to click through to check availability which means there is no risk of them arriving on Amazon or Walmart just to discover your product is actually out of stock. As a result visitors are more likely to convert and less likely to be annoyed by the customer experience on your brand website.

Meeting customers where they are

Today brands can connect with consumers across a wide variety of digital touchpoints. Beyond your brand website there's also search engines a range of social media channels chat platforms - the list goes on and on. With the Where to Buy solution brands can reach their audiences wherever they hang out online and present them with shoppable content.

This provides brands with greater control over the consumer journey even if they don't offer direct-to-consumer shopping. 40% of consumers start their product searches on search engines while another 27% begin on social media. So using a Where to Buy solution in conjunction with advertising social posts and other content allows brands to capture this audience at a crucial stage of their consumer journey.

Actionable consumer insights

Every brand understands the value of having high quality behavioral data at their fingertips. It can impact every business decision throughout an organization - from marketing through to product development. However while brands are eager to track online actions privacy is also becoming increasingly important to consumers. That's why internet browsers operating systems and international law makers are all moving away from the use of third-party data. But a cookieless world doesn't spell the end of high quality consumer data.

By using a Where to Buy solution brands gain access to unique and insightful high level data - all without invading the privacy of their shoppers. As well as a general performance overview key reports available to brands include an overview of retailer performance marketing campaign insights and sales insights. These reports help brands understand which retailer partners have strong conversion rates and which need optimization. They can easily view their most popular SKUs across their entire network and assess exactly how much revenue they're generating too.

Examples of a Where to Buy solution


German technology company tado is a leader in smart home products and software. They integrated a Where to Buy solution into their website in order to avoid dead-ends in their user experience and to focus on gathering insights to better meet customer needs. The solution enabled tado  to become one of the most advanced companies in the industry in terms of online sales.


As a leader in the consumer electronics sector Logitech implemented a Where to Buy solution to the product pages on their brand site. This reduces the need for consumers to go in search of products on the retailer website where they could become easily distracted by competitor products. With the Where to Buy solution Logitech has increased their conversion rate improved their marketing ROI and boosted revenue.

Schneider Electric

B2B electrical and energy company Schneider Electric optimized their omnichannel customer journey through implementing ChannelSight's Where to Buy solution on their website. This solution directed traffic from their website to distributors improving the customer experience and successfully establishing its brand site as a sales channel.

Final thoughts

As we've seen there is plenty more to a Where to Buy solution than meets the eye. This simple yet powerful tool has the ability to radically transform your eCommerce strategy. It provides your customers the convenience they demand while at the same time giving you the insights you need to optimize.

As a Where to Buy solution is already used by many of the top global brands there is no better time than now to implement this tool into your strategy. To learn more about how your brand can benefit from a Where to Buy solution schedule a demo with one of our product experts.

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