Brands Making a Positive Impact During The Covid-19 Pandemic

As the world around us and what is considered “normal” changes quickly around us, businesses across the world have felt the impact of this. Some brands have come together to mobilise their forces and facilities to help curb demand shortages in an effort to create a positive impact in this crisis. At a time of great uncertainty we should celebrate the positive impact these brands are having at this time. 

Jameson Whiskey

In Ireland, the well-known Irish whiskey makers, Jameson Whiskey are beginning to produce hand sanitisers to help in meeting the demand for the essential product amidst the virus. They will supply this free of charge to the health authorities to make a contribution in fighting the pandemic.

Gap, Inc

As the world struggles to maintain supplies of PPE or Personal Protective Equipment we have seen many companies step up to the mark to contribute. Gap announced via Twitter that they will use their resources to make medical masks, gowns and scrubs for hospitals and healthcare professionals. 


A firm favourite among health professionals, Crocs footwear, have made a pledge to donate their footwear to health professionals. They have promised to donate 10,000 pairs of their crocs a day during the pandemic.


Similar to Gap, Inditex, the parent company of clothing stores H&M and Zara, are working towards sourcing the right materials. They will then begin the manufacturing medical supplies including medical masks and gowns.

LVMH, Estee Lauder, and L’Oreal

LVMH, owner of luxury fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Fendi and so on have also transformed their perfume factories to make sanitisers and distribute those free of charge to the authorities. Estee Lauder and L’Oreal have also begun manufacturing alcohol sanitisers to distribute to nursing homes, and hospitals.


As we are confronted daily with rising ICU admissions numbers globally and stories of medical staff having to make life of death decisions on who gets access to a ventilator. Dyson, known for its vacuum cleaners and hair dryers has stepped in and researched and began the manufacturing of medical ventilators. These are crucial for those patients who cannot breathe on their own which is increasingly common due to Covid-19. Dyson has committed to making 15,000 ventilators and they themselves have committed to donating 5000 of ventilators.    

Acts of Kindness

We are hearing positive reports of acts of kindness from businesses, particularly in showing appreciation for medical professionals and others such as police officers who are at the forefront of the pandemic. Starbucks is giving out free coffees for these professionals. Though many of their cafes remain closed, the professionals can grab their coffee via take away or drive through.  

Despite being under pressure, these brands are willing to contribute in a positive way. It is clear this is a time to display leadership, and for companies to make their contribution in helping those that are at the forefront of the pandemic, and those that are most vulnerable.

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