ChannelSight Participate In Rhizome 2017

ChannelSight are excited to participate in Rhizome 2017 and explore the future of the connected kitchen with our partners BSH and the Home Connect Platform. Taking place in Hamburg on September 20th Rhizome the Connected Kitchen Conference brings together experts from science and practice professionals from social networking as well as entrepreneurs from the food value chain to discuss the possibilities and challenges of the post digital relationship between human and machine in the kitchen.The conference aims to generate visions for consumers and businesses through featured discussions while offering valuable room for networking among participants and speakers in-between. In collaboration with our partners BSH and the Home Connect Platform ChannelSight are excited to showcase our innovations in the connected kitchens space. The future of kitchen technology is vast and it's only a matter of time before consumers will control kitchen appliances via their phone or tablet. On the connected fridge front BSH Home Connect Platform and ChannelSight are excited to be giving more insight into our latest innovations using the power of AI to help consumers identify what's in your kitchen fridge propose new recipes and pull together a list of ingredients for the selected recipe all while on the move. If you would like to see and hear more about our latest innovations in connected kitchens get in touch with the ChannelSight team today!

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