E^HACKATHON London: Are you ready?

Bob Dylan wasn't the first one to note that times are a-changin'. ChannelSight are partnering Edge by Ascential for their London E^HACKATHON. This event will help brands make sense of new developments and innovations in ecommerce. Ecommerce has become disruptive force that is changing the way that brands are navigating through the rapidly changing landscape of commerce. As a result of this having an online presence is no longer enough. If you want to see better conversion fuller baskets and a better optimised ROI then you're going to need to hack your efforts. Don't worry though you're in capable hands. The E^HACKATHON London can help you and your brand maneuver through these changes. Are you ready to hack your ecommerce strategy and bring your brand to the next level?

What can I get out of E^HACKATHON London?

You're probably asking yourself 'What can my brand or business get out of this E^Hackathon?' Well that's a great question. Here are five benefits that you'll gain from the E^HACKATHON London.

  1. The E^HACKATHON provides actionable and focused content that was created specifically to win with leading retail disruptors.
  2. The agenda is being led and facilitated by the top industry experts and ecommerce practitioners. Did we mention that there will be no sales pitches?
  3. You'll find interesting case studies shared by fellow brands in the industry who understand what you're looking to improve.
  4. We will collaborate in small groups in masterclasses that encourage open communication and collaboration on strategy and tactic best practices.
  5. You'll have next level networking opportunities with peers from the ecommerce movement.

Are you convinced yet? We're already buzzing with excitement.

Day One (Amazon)

The first day of the E^HACKATHON in London is May 8th 2019. This day long summit is entirely dedicated to winning the ecommerce game on Amazon. If you're looking for strong content such as client case studies new insights into Amazon and masterclass sessions led by leading experts then this day is for you. You'll be collaborating with other like minded individuals to help improve your online strategy which can be implemented into your business. The times may be changing but with a little help you can make sure that you're winning the game.

Day Two (Omnichannel)

Finally on May 9th2019 day two of the E^HACKATHON brings the focus to omnichannel retailers. Day two is perfect for individuals who want to bring their ecommerce game to the next level in order to advance their brands and businesses. You'll be getting the same informative content alongside masterclasses led by experts such as our own ChannelSight co-founder Niall O'Gorman. Niall will be leading a masterclass titled 'How To Maximize Sales Via Omnichannel Alignment'. Are you to learn which best practices you can use to drive engagement to bring in more leads in key marketplaces? The 'How To Maximize Sales Via Omnichannel Alignment' is a masterclass not to be missed.


So far so good? Don't just take our word for it. Read some reviews from real participants in past E^HACKATHON events. This event is stimulating and insightful. I was buzzing when I left and so eager to get to work on all of the ideas that the Hackathon inspired! I found great actionable insights that I can take back to my team and find ways to implement into our business. It also was great to hear what category leaders are doing as that's what my leadership team wants us to become. I walked away with a lot of ideas to pull my business forward and came back with some momentum to do so. So many of these industry events are high-level overviews of ecommerce. This set up allows for better learning in areas of interest across functions. It made for a particularly valuable experience.


Finally you shouldn't let FOMO get the best of you. Some tickets are still available to either or both days at the E^HACKATHON Summit London. Contact us now to avoid disappointment. You may even receive a sneaky surprise for saying hello!

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