Looking back on our top blogs of 2019

Welcoming the year 2020! AtChannelSight we have had a remarkable year with our customers services andthought leadershipcontent producedfor our audience. Now we are looking back at our top performing blogs and our learnings from them. If you have missed these blogs when we first published themtake a lookat our 2019 review.

12 KPIs for eCommerce Success

KPIs are key metrics that help your business understand where your successes are coming from. They also help you determine what changes you need to make to build your customer base and generate more revenue. Sounds simple right? That is until you realize there are literally hundreds of metrics you could analyse and hundreds of tools you can use to measure them. Read this blog to understand themost important KPIst to measure for the success of your eCommerce brands. Read the full blog here.

The Top Five Trends Defining Consumer Electronics

Despite the future looking bright consumer electronics remains a highly competitive space and brands are not without challenges. Chiefly there's the increased dominance of Amazon and Best Buy. How to compete with these titans? Well one way is leading to a growing trend among brands divesting in their ownDTC eCommerce efforts instead ofchannellingcustomers to retailer sites. Here we investigate 5 trends defining the consumer electronics space and how you can shape your future strategies. Read the full blog here.

High-End Fashion & Luxury Goods: 5 Ways Brands Are Embracing Social Media

Many luxury and fashion brands are still questioning how to bridge the 'digital divide'. It is a very delicate path to tread for high-end brands given what's at stake their exclusive brand reputation. Whilst the shift towards omnichannel is growing at a rapid pace most revenue in the luxury brands market is still driven by offline physical channels. The trouble for luxury brands is that a lot of what makes them luxury occurs offline such as exclusive showrooms personalized service and so on. However if luxury brands don't embrace digital they risk falling behind. Read here 5 ways brands are embracing social media and how social media is shaking things up! Read the full blog here.

How to Write Product Listings That Rank Highly on the eBay Search Listings

While you'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise Amazon isn't the only online marketplace in cyber-town. And it would be folly to forget the original eCommerce pioneer eBay especially now it's undergoing an ambitious rebrand with the aim of growing its user base to 500 million. But brands shouldn't wait for this rebrand to double down their efforts on eBay. The site already boasts 175 million active users so they should be doing all they can to succeed on it now. Read how you can boost your product listings to rank higher on eBay. Read the full blog here.

The Rise of Consumer-Packaged GoodsinThe eCommerce Landscape

Consumer packaged goods everything from laundry detergent to snack bars and pet food have long been a dark spot in the eCommerce world. However this is starting to change as CPG players are at an eCommerce tipping point. Read more here on the rise of consumer-packaged goods in the eCommerce world. Read the full blog here.

Guest Blog - 7 Great Ways to Improve Your Online Marketplace Strategy

Online marketplaces such as Amazon Alibaba Etsy and the emerging Bonanza continue to become the top destinations for today's online shopper. Indeed according to research compiled by Internet Retailer ('Online Marketplaces: A Global Phenomenon') the sales from online marketplaces crossed $1 trillion in 2016 while globally the value of goods transacted on the top 18 marketplaces around the world amounted to 44% of the $2.44 trillion spent worldwide in 2016. These figures are only going one way (up!) meaning online marketplaces are a lucrative platform for brands. And to that end read here are 7 ways to help you get the most from them. Read the full blog here.

Top Five Ted TalksforDigital Marketers

Digital marketers must be perpetual students if they're to keep up with the rapid rate of change and innovation in the industry. And what better way to do so than with Ted Talks? These free easy to watch and often highly entertaining and powerful talks can inspire and motivate you to get more from both your professional and personal life. Read the full blog here.

The Omni-Channel Approach: A Love Story Like No Other

Forget Romeo and Juliet if you want a real example of true love look not to rom coms or soppy dramas but to the brands who are using an omnichannel approach to retail to ensure their customers feel loved at every step of the buyer journey. Read Niall O'Gorman's blog on the best of Omni-Channel approach. Read the full blog here.

3 Ways to Optimize Your ECommerce Customer Experience

Positive or negative customer experience can make or break the relationship between a brand anditscustomers. According to PwC one in three consumers say that they would be inclined to walk away from a brand that they love after just one negative experience? Yikes. Thankfully in contrast 86% of shoppers are willing to pay more for great customer experience. A whopping 63% say that they would willingly part with more personal data with a company that offers a great experience. Ready to build the best experience possible for your customers? Check out seven ways that your brand can optimize your CX journey. Read the full blog here.

Strategies for Black Friday And Beyond

Brands are already advertising Black Friday deals proof if any was needed that a sales spree which used to run over four days from November 29 is becoming longer and more competitive. Historically it was an in-store retail event driven by major US supermarkets the day after Thanksgiving but that evolved around 2010 when Cyber Monday emerged as an eCommerce equivalent. Read our blog here on how you can prepare in 2020 for the biggest shopping festival Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Read the full blog here.

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