What are the latest eCommerce trends?

So far this year has brought about numerous changes with millions adjusting to the “new normal”. Amidst this, the retail landscape has quickly changed. Here are a few key trends that we have seen so far:

1. Increased Dependency on Online

Though pre-covid, eCommerce sales were already on the rise, the pandemic has surely fast-forwarded the growth of eCommerce. With the majority of the stores closed during the lock-down, barring essentials and groceries, many turned to online shopping for groceries. Categories such as personal care and home saw a sharp increase in online sales. Elderly and those deemed as a high-risk category were completely dependent on online shopping to meet their basic needs such as groceries.

2. Customer is King

The modern customer is in complete control as it is the customer’s choice when and how they engage with your brand. Success is now about creating an enjoyable customer experience rather than linear transactions.

3. Increase in Online Demand tied to Changed Consumer Behaviour

Consumer’s priorities have changed rapidly. Consumers have shown increasing interest in the health category, as they are increasingly looking at nourishing their body. Another change has been the change in the shopping trips, as consumers now prefer to go to the shops less frequently and stockpile. This translates to prioritising essentials, and freezing your foods – there is also an explosion in stand-alone freezers. Subsequently, the content has also changed to cater to new consumer behaviour and needs. Brands that help their customers use their products potentially convert those customers into customers for life.