What is an eCommerce Where to Buy solution?

A Where to Buy solution helps brands drive more online sales by connecting your online consumers, through a tracked ‘Buy Now’ button that is placed on the brand’s website, or digital asset, directly to online retailers such as Amazon, Tesco, or Target, to complete their purchase.
When a consumer clicks on one of our ‘Buy Now’ buttons on a product on a brand’s website or digital asset, they will then be presented with all the available online retailers that stock the product. Once the retailer is chosen, the consumer will be redirected to the product page on that retailer site in just one click.
In an age where customer experience is king, providing an experience like this for your customers is a winning strategy for brands. A Where To Buy solution minimises the steps in the consumer journey and delivers a frictionless experience for the consumer from the brand site to the purchase point on the retailer website.

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