Rank for the most effective keywords on retailer site search

Which search terms really affect sales – and how can you tune your product content to beat the competition?

Track search performance on retailer sites
  • Easily gain a clear view of search rankings across your retailer network
  • Compare your rankings against key competitors for important keywords
  • See how many of your products appear on page one of site search results
  • Report on trends in your search performance over time
  • Analyse site search data by product, category or retailer
Optimise for keywords that drive sales
  • Cross-reference search results data with sales to find which keywords matter
  • Focus on search terms with the highest conversion rates
  • Improve sales from site search activity
  • Exploit profitable search opportunities that competitors have missed
  • Gain deep insight into performance with reporting dashboards
Give your product content the edge
  • Discover what influences search rankings on each site
  • Optimise your product content to outperform the competition
  • Track the impact of your changes, and keep refining your content
  • Proactively improve search performance in a way that drives sales
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