Euronics sets up International Partnership with ‘WHERE TO BUY’ Vendor to their Supplier Brands in 34 Markets.

Euronics have entered into a strategic partnership with ChannelSight, the leading eCommerce Intelligence Solutions provider for brands. 

Dublin, July 24, 2020: Euronics International, a leading electrical goods and home appliances retail group in EMEA/CIS region have entered into a strategic partnership with ChannelSight as a preferred ‘Where to Buy’ solution provider. This partnership is a 3-year partnership that commenced on 1st July 2020. The ChannelSight ‘Where to Buy’ solution will now be made available in 34 countries where Euronics International operates as a business.

The objective of Euronics Group is to facilitate the digital consumer journey by improving digital collaboration with supplier brands, making their products visible across Euronics retail network. The consumer-centric approach removes the discussion around direct to consumer, pure players and click and mortar and further empowers consumers to choose the channel they trust and feel most comfortable with. Essentially, the Euronics Group aims to provide seamless customer experience, leading with the best of product and service. ChannelSight is the enabling catalyst to bring this digital collaboration to life.


What is ChannelSight’s ‘Where to Buy’ solution?

In an extremely competitive eCommerce space, it’s a constant battle to build consumer awareness of a brand’s products online. Our ‘Where to Buy’ solution helps brands drive more online sales by connecting their online consumers, through a tracked ‘Buy Now’ button that is placed on the brand’s website, or digital asset, instantly to an online retailer(s) to complete their purchase.

“The ChannelSight solution helps us ensure the consumer can have the expected retail experience they desire from every brand at Euronics, be it online or in our physical stores.  A consumers’ search on the brand partner websites will display if the selected product is available at our retail shop nearby. We have to think consumer-first and make it easy for them to find and buy products regardless of online or offline.”

says Mr Hans Carpels, the President of Euronics GEIE

“ChannelSight works with hundreds of global brands to provide intelligence and actionable insight into the consumer journey. Building deep, lasting relationships with our retailer partners is pivotal to the value we create for brands. As one of the largest electronics retailer groups in the world, Euronics is a key partner for us, and we’re excited to formalise our partnership and build a shared vision for how we can support our mutual brand partners in the years ahead. We look forward to working closely with the Euronics team as we roll out service across their 34 markets and build collective value for all sides.”

says Mr Niall O’Gorman, Head of Strategic Partnerships & Co-Founder of ChannelSight.

About Euronics

Euronics is an international collective of national retailers active throughout the EMEA and CIS region, bringing innovative electrical products to the consumer via an omnichannel approach. The group, founded in 1990, is represented in 36 countries throughout EMEA and has a total turnover of 19.1 billion euros. Euronics is one of the largest consumer technical goods (TCG) retail groups in the world, operating in most of the key EMEA and CIS markets through an extensive network of brick-and-mortar stores and online shops.

About ChannelSight

ChannelSight enables global brands to improve conversion rates by optimising every stage of the consumer buying journey. Our eCommerce intelligence platform connects brands, retailers and the consumer in one end-to-end platform, delivering insights into how users are engaging with digital content and how this influences sales at partner retailers. Brands gain the ability to make data-driven decisions that maximise return-on-investment from future marketing activity across all digital channels. ChannelSight was founded by John Beckett and Niall O’Gorman in 2013 and works with hundreds of brands in 65 countries. For more information visit

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