ChannelSight and Frosmo Announce a Strategic Partnership to Unlock the Power of Syndicated Selling Intelligence

ChannelSight and Frosmo partnership to drive experience-led Commerce.

Dublin, September 7th 2020: ChannelSight, the leading eCommerce Intelligence platform serving global brands such as Bosch, Schneider Electric and Phillips, has partnered with Frosmo, the provider of a powerful, AI-driven product recommendations tool to optimise each step of the customer journey and deliver the best results in the market across retail, gaming, media, and the public sector.

The objective of this partnership is to unlock the formula of AI-driven experience-led commerce, by capturing the micro-moments across brands owned, earned and paid digital touchpoints on the lead-up purchase intent being established by a user by clicking on a ‘Where to Buy’ call to action powered by ChannelSight.

In turn, this ‘selling intelligence’ is then syndicated via ChannelSight’s digital path-to-purchase pipeline to key retail partner platforms in order to help inform their retail search exchange, cross sell, up sell, recommendation and retargeting engines, ultimately driving more value for everyone in the buying process.

As a result of this cooperation, Frosmo joins the ChannelSight partner ecosystem, where brands and retailers have the ability to drive greater insight between each other on what is driving the acquisition, conversion and retention of customers in a GDPR compliant way. 

“We are excited about this partnership with ChannelSight as it allows us to unlock the association between brand, retailer, and customer experience across all touchpoints along the customer journey, “

says CEO, Mikael Gummerus.

“Having  previously worked with the Frosmo team on several innovative projects, I’m delighted to have this opportunity to now partner with Frosmo to unlock and syndicate selling intelligence between the brand and retail sites via the ChannelSight digital path to purchase pipeline.“

says Head of Strategic Partnerships & Co-Founder, Niall O’Gorman

About Frosmo

Frosmo is the most versatile personalization software in the market, delivering 1.5 billion personalized customer journeys each day. Frosmo’s winning personalization formula consists of AI-driven product recommendations that optimize each step of the customer journey delivering the best results in the market. Frosmo is an international SaaS company based in Helsinki with offices in Poland and the UK.

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About ChannelSight

ChannelSight enables global brands to improve conversion rates by optimising every stage of the consumer buying journey. Our eCommerce intelligence platform connects brands, retailers and the consumer in one end-to-end platform, delivering insights into how users are engaging with digital content and how this influences sales at partner retailers. Brands gain the ability to make data-driven decisions that maximise return-on-investment from future marketing activity across all digital channels. ChannelSight was founded by John Beckett and Niall O’Gorman in 2013 and have worked with hundreds of brands in over 65 countries. 

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