BSH knew that providing a strong online consumer experience and getting detailed conversion insights was key to converting online consumers. They saw an opportunity to advance their eCommerce strategy by focusing on digital transformation across the organisation.


BSH previously had a Where to Buy solution in place with another provider, however, they knew they could get a better solution with more advanced insights and crawler functionality that ChannelSight offered. BSH liked the technology’s quick and easy access and found the visual dashboards an easy way to compare and improve the performance of their products.


ChannelSight’s Where to Buy technology has helped build stronger retailer relationships and drive a digital mindset across their organisation. With ChannelSight technology, BSH are future proofing their business and providing a transformational online experience for their customers.

“The technology is super easy to use and we can easily access retailer data. The level of conversion and comparison insights available to us now is vast compared to what we had before.”

Sabine Bönisch, Solution Design Manager, BSH

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